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Empty soap bottle with brush head

5.13 USD

Empty soap bottle brush head

Take the initiative now to get an empty bottle that you can put your liquid soap in, to get foam and foam that will facilitate the washing and cleaning process. An empty soap bottle has been provided from the Fritos store with the best materials and the finest materials in addition to the elegant design and prices that suit all tastes.

product specification :

  • Raw materials: an empty bottle made of the best types of plastic.
  • Color: The bottle comes in a distinctive white color with a white brush.
  • The bottle comes with two empty bottles, one of which is made of transparent plastic and the other of plastic in an elegant blue color

Product Features:

  • You can put and use any type of soap you like to clean the body or skin.
  • It provides you with a large and distinctive foam or foam that covers a large part of the body.
  • The type of plastic used in the manufacture of the bottle does not react with water or soap, and therefore it is very safe on the skin.

How to use :

All you have to do is put an appropriate amount of soap in the bottle, then cover it with water and shake it well, and you will get a wonderful and thick foam with a very soft texture.

5.13 USD
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