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A pair of baby knee caps in the baby stage to avoid rubbing the knee on the ground

4.05 USD

A pair of crawling baby knee pads to avoid rubbing their knees on the ground

Knee cover, has your child increased in age and is learning to walk or crawl and you are afraid for him from the ground to injure him or cause problems to his knees as a result of friction with the ground and the constant movement of the child since he is at an age who wants to explore all things…

Cover specifications:  

  • Product type: kids knee cap.
  • Target group: women and mothers.
  • Available colors of the knee cover: Available in many light and elegant colors that suit your child, as they are available in colors (blue, pink, gray, light green, beige).
  • Raw materials: The knee cover is made of 80% natural cotton and 20% elastic fibers.
  • Cover size: 8 * 11 * 0.4 cm.
  • Cover weight: 30 grams.
  • It has silicone dots in circles at the baby's knee that protects him from rubbing against the ground.

Cover Features:

  • Made of very soft cotton on the child's knees with a percentage of soft fibers that provide ease of movement and flexibility that goes with the child's movement.
  • Contributes to protecting the baby's knees and skin when crawling on the ground or in the garden.
  • Very easy to wear Suitable to wear in all seasons summer and winter.

4.05 USD
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