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Low-frequency nebulizer for asthma treatment for adults

51.03 USD 52.65 USD

🌟 The inhaler is used in the treatment of asthma or what is known as the treatment of chronic obstruction in the bronchi by containing medical preparations that improve asthma conditions and facilitate the ability to breathe.

🌟 Battery operated sprayer used for those suffering from respiratory illnesses such as cold, fever, cough, phlegm, asthma, sore throat, pharyngitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and other diseases.

Features :

The drug enters the respiratory tract and lungs by breathing by inhalation and reaches the affected part, so the atomization treatment works faster than the oral drug.

Because the drug enters directly into the respiratory tract, its dose is only one-tenth of the oral dose, which greatly reduces the side effects of the drug, which is especially important for children and the elderly. Therefore, the dissolution treatment has a quick effect and high safety.


Children are at risk of catching colds caused by bacteria in the environment, but sprays can be used to treat them


The elderly are prone to respiratory infections, and the nebulizer can effectively treat respiratory diseases

The patients

All drugs have side effects, and the nebulizer significantly reduces the amount of drugs used, speeds up recovery, and effectively prevents viral infections.


♦ Technical indicators:

Power supply: AA battery (not included)

Oscillation frequency: 113 kHz ± 10%

Atomization rate: −0.2ml/min.

Atomic particles: 3.7μm ± 25%

Capacity: 8ml

Noise: <50db

Product weight: 100g

Dimensions (L x W x H): 50 x 48 x 130 mm / 2 x 1.9 x 5.1 inches

Housing material: ABS

♦ Working conditions:

Temperature: +5°C~+40°C;

Relative Humidity: <80% (non-condensing)

♦ Conditions of storage and transportation:

Working Conditions: Temperature: -10°C ~ +45°C;

Relative Humidity: <80% (non-condensing)


♦ Contents:

1x main unit (without AA battery)

1x Adult Mask

1x Kids Mask

1x horn

1x Storage Bag

1x lanyard

DC interface 1x

1x packing box

51.03 USD 52.65 USD
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