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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Original 1.1 inch 11 Sport Modes Bluetooth Version 5 Smart Watch - Support English Xiaomi Mi band 5

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Mi band 5 original size 1.1 inch 11 sports modes with bluetooth version 5 smart watch - supports English Xiaomi Mi band 5

The original Mi Band 5 is one of the most advanced smart watches, characterized by many features that work for your convenience, it is one of the most distinguished versions compared to other types, it has distinct specifications that make it one of the most distinguished smart watches, characterized by an elegant aesthetic shape and multiple colors that suit all tastes .

♥ Product Introduction:

It has a large screen that allows easy operation on the go. It has many new tablets that are adapted from the famous SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon. It has high-quality sensors that reach 11 new sports modes to enable it to monitor your physical activity. It has an air pressure measurement feature. Water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters, it is characterized by an elegant aesthetic, and it also has the feature of following the menstrual cycle for women.

♥ Original Mi Band 5 Product Description:

  • Brand: Xiaomi
  • Model: Mi Band Original
  • Bluetooth Version: BT 5.0
  • Compatible operating systems: Android 4.4 or higher - IOS 10.0 or higher.
  • Operation mode: touch screen - button
  • App name: Mi Fit
  • Application language: 38 different languages.
  • Watch language: English - Chinese - Russian - Spanish
  • Sensor: Heart rate sensor - G . sensor
  • Screen size: 1.1 inch
  • Screen Type: AMOLED
  • Screen resolution: 125 x 294 pixels
  • Battery Capacity: 125 mAh
  • Standby time: 14 days
  • Using time: 7 days
  • Charging: 2 hours
  • Charging type: magnetic
  • Band Length: 155 X 219 mm
  • Product weight: 22g
  • Accessories: Charging Cable - User Manual
  • Material: polycarbonate - silicone wrist
  • Memory: 512 KB - 16 MB
  • Brightness: 450

♥ Product Features:

  • Mi Band 5 watch is water resistant
  • The original Mi Band 5 calculates the distance, steps, calories burned, and monitors women's health.
  • It does a 7/24 heart rate monitor.
  • It features triple axis accelerometer, 3 axis gyroscope minute fresh water.
  • It has several features, the most important of which are stopwatch - timer - alarm - phone search service - unlock the phone - do not disturb feature - tone control.
  • It is easily charged by magnetic charging pins.
  • With it you can control the distance of the photographic camera.
  • It is made of materials that do not affect the skin and give a sense of comfort when wearing it.

♥ Original Mi Band 5 Product Warnings:

  • No key watch must be pressed underwater.
  • It can never be worn while swimming.
  • It cannot be worn in the shower at all.
  • You can not wear it during underwater operations.

♥ How to use:

  • When used for the first time, the watch must be connected to the charger.
  • If the battery runs out, it must be charged before attempting to activate it.
  • Upon activation, long press at the bottom of the screen.
  • The charger must be confirmed before use that it is 5V/1A.
  • You must make sure that the charging cable is well connected.
  • Please review and read the user manual carefully before use.
  • When you change the time, scan the QR code in the manual to download the application, and the time and date will be downloaded automatically.

In the end we can say that The original Mi Band 5, a modern accessory that is characterized by a distinct aesthetic, is characterized by an elegant shape that attracts the onlookers, and has many advantages.

Question and Answer

Why doesn't my watch start?

1. The watch must be connected to the charger for the first use.

2- If your watch battery runs out, you will need to charge it for a while before trying to activate your watch.

3- Try to activate your watch by pressing the area at the bottom of the screen for a long time.

♥ Why is my watch not charging successfully?

1. Please make sure your charger is 5V/1A. If the current is too high, the watch will enter into the automatic case protection.

2. Please make sure that the charging cable is well connected to the charging position on the back cover of the watch.

3- If your watch still cannot be charged successfully, please contact our customer service immediately. Please click on Customer Service.

♥ Why is there no charging cable in the package I received?

1. Please check the user manual and product detail page to make sure the product is charged via USB. If so, please unplug the watch strap, you will find the charging socket.

2. If your watch does not charge USB and you have not received the charging cable, please contact our customer service immediately.

♥ How to change the date and time?

Please scan the QR code in the manual to download the application. Then the time and date will be synced automatically when the watch is connected to the phone.

♥ Can I wear it swimming?

It is not recommended to wear it for swimming, as it is not a professional swimming watch.

80.19 USD
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