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Xiaomi Global Version Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Noise Reduction Stereo Headset

52.11 USD

The best types of AirPods The true wireless headset comes with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which accelerates the connection. Attractive, elegant and very practical.

Specifications of the best types of AirPods

  • The best types of AirPods come with an approx weight of 4.1 grams, which means that they are light in weight.
  • The best types of AirPods are equipped with three earbuds models that you can adjust freely, the single earbud has a long playback time of 4 hours, and the charging box is approximately 12 hours.
  • The best AirPods are equipped with multifunctional physical buttons to reduce false touches and support voice control, all you need to do is double-click to wake up the phone's voice assistant, which is very convenient to use.

Uses of the best types of AirPods

  • You can pair the best quality AirPods just long press on both the airdots for a few seconds until the white and red lights flash.
  • Turn on Bluetooth and connect to Airdots R or L in the list available for Bluetooth connections

Both the left and right earbuds will now be paired with your device.

  • The storage box is also the charging box that can not only protect and store the headphones, but you can also charge the headphones two more times.
  • With the best types of AirPods, 12 hours of charging gives you 15 hours of movie playback, 12 hours of music, or 15 hours of gaming and 12 hours of talking.

Features of the best types of AirPods

  • Quick Connect Automatic seconds connection with BT 5.0: New BT 5.0 technology gives you, which is faster and more stable.
  • It gives you a data transfer rate of up to two times compared to the previous generation, the connection is faster and more stable, and with songs and games more smoothly.
  • Ease of use Multifunctional binaural button for easy control of music and phone.
  •   The best quality AirPods have noise reduction technology with 7.2mm dynamic driver unit and DSP smart environment.
  • The best quality AirPods with three free adjustable earplugs, comfortable to wear, not easy to fall off.
  • To control music, calling and voice assistant, tap the top button.

customer reviews

First opinion: It is a great headphone, easy to use and does not tire my ears.

Second opinion: I thought it would fall off during use, and I was afraid of that, but when I used it, it was wonderful and did not fall off easily.

common questions

  • Is there another plug with the headset?

Yes, it has three free adjustable earplugs, comfortable to wear.

  • Is the weight of the headset comfortable for the ear?

It weighs approximately 4.1 grams, which means that it is light in weight and does not hurt the ears.

52.11 USD
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