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Women's wrist watch with leather strap with bracelets

8.94 USD

Women's wrist watch with leather strap with bracelets

Women's wristwatch with a leather bracelet with bracelets This type of watch is one of the most popular types in the current period, because it combines fashion and its trends with the sophistication that a large group of women are looking for, and above all we all know that watches are among the pieces that women love in a way General, you use it as a decorating tool.

Definition of a women's wrist watch with a leather bracelet with bracelets

The importance of a women’s wristwatch with a leather bracelet with bracelets 18 is that it is a wonderful accessory tool, because it has a wonderful aesthetic appearance, in addition to the value it carries. The exterior is a kind of luster and attractive look. In addition to the materials that a women’s wristwatch with a leather bracelet that is connected to the bracelets, it is made of the best types of shiny leather, and its outer frame is also shiny metal that does not rust over time or due to weather factors, in some cases it is The watch is distinguished by its distinctive silver color, or it takes a golden color, both of which attract attention. We come to the side bracelets of the watch, which give it a distinctive shape when wearing it. In most cases, these bracelets are of the same material as the watch was made, and the same color to form a complete aesthetic form.

Information and specifications of a women's wrist watch with a leather strap with bracelets

The reason behind buying a women's watch with a leather bracelet with bracelets is that it has specifications and features that make it the first choice for all women, and these features include:

We find that the watch is made of the finest materials that make it have an external structure of strong metal that maintains its color and luster, and this structure is surrounded from the outside by an external fence of natural leather.

The watch maintains its glossy color as well as the leather from cracking, all of this is due to the high and valuable materials from which they are made.

This is in addition to the internal clock template that works continuously, and does not malfunction, and this keeps the time calculated second by second, without error.

One of the most important information that you should know about the watch is that it varies in different colors, to suit all tastes, and these colors result in the different color of the bracelets as well.

And the small hands that are found in the watch’s mold, and the side button for it that controls the time adjustment, all these details are made of metal materials that do not rust even if time passes, this makes the watch with a long life of use.

clock components

This watch consists of a set of basic pieces, and the explanation of these pieces is as follows:

1. Before we start explaining the components of the watch, we must touch on the outer case of the watch, which reflects what is inside of a thin, valuable and attractive watch.

2. When we open the case, we find that the watch has a wonderful and shiny shape, and it is a body made of the best durable and strong materials, and in some cases it is decorated.

3. Then we come to the frame that surrounds the watch, which is made of high-end leather, and in the middle of this frame there is a tool that controls the closing and opening of the watch, as well as to make it suitable for the size of the woman's hand that is wearing it, and this frame is bordered by metal pieces on its sides.

4. Next to this frame, there is a variety of bracelets that differ between leather or metal bracelets, and this difference depends on the taste of the woman who owns it.

5. From the inside, the watch consists of small and large hands that are responsible for clarifying the hour accurately, as well as the seconds and minutes. These hands are stressed to be made of materials that withstand external factors and are frequently used, so that the watch has a longer life.

Features of a women's watch with a leather strap with bracelets

A women's wrist watch with a leather bracelet with bracelets has a set of features that make it the first choice for women looking for excellence and sophistication, including:

Its general shape is a disc or a circle, bordered on the outside by a pure metal frame that gives the watch an attractive appearance.

It is also characterized by its fast movement that does not stop and is not subjected to frequent failures.

They differ in their colors between golden and silver, both of which share with each other that their frames are distinctive leather.

The color of the hands varies depending on the color of the watch.

The most important feature of this watch is that it is water resistant.

Benefits of the watch        

The importance of the watch lies in the fact that it is mainly used to determine the time with accuracy and ease.

The second importance of it is that it is among the accessories that give women a special elegance.

How to use

A women's wristwatch with a leather strap with 18 bracelets works in a super and wonderful way to use, and the way to use it is very simple that everyone knows how to adapt to.

8.94 USD
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