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Women's wallet

three colors

9.18 USD

Women's wallet

A women's wallet is the most important component of a woman's bag, as it helps her organize important papers, money and credit cards in a small space amid the crowding of her many holdings. With a distinctive and elegant look, it is also made in different sizes, high quality designs and durability, and many women resort to using it as an alternative to the bag in quick outings.

product shape 

The wallet is made with a thin design that suggests elegance and simplicity, as it is made of high-quality and durable materials, PU leather with a wonderful texture, and contains multiple and practical internal pockets, a pocket dedicated to saving the ID card, and also contains a spacious pocket with an elegant metal zipper to save banknotes and coins And protect it from falling, and the zipper is provided with an elegant leather pendant that gives it more beauty and elegance.

Features of a women's wallet 

A women's wallet has several characteristics that push many women to acquire it:

  • The shape of the wallet is elegant and suitable for use at all times, whether going out in the morning or evening.
  • The wallet is made of durable materials similar to natural leather that is suitable for daily use, and resists tearing and damage.
  • The wallet is provided with multiple pockets, spacious enough to hold a large number of credit cards, and visas in a small space.
  • The wallet allows easy insertion and removal of cards and photos without cutting them.
  • The bag is equipped with an inner pocket with a durable metal zipper that is difficult to cut or damage, and a delicate leather hanger for easy and quick pull.
  • The wallet is available in three modern and elegant colors suitable for parties, travel and evening occasions such as weddings and birthdays.
  • The wallet helps keep papers and cash away from the rest of the bag's contents of makeup, accessories and personal items, making it easy to access them quickly.
  • Women's wallet is available at affordable prices for all categories.
  • The wallet is made of high-quality water-resistant materials
  • The wallet features a convenient clear pocket for photos or ID.
  • The design of the wallet is modern, in line with all tastes and colors of clothing, as it can be used as an alternative to the bag in the outings close to the house during the day
  • The inner lining of the wallet is made of a durable polyester material, to prevent papers from sticking and makes it easy to control the entry and exit of cards without ripping them.

The material of which the women's wallet is made 

The wallet is made of high-strength pu leather with a durable gold-tone metal zipper and an elegant leather charm

Design: Elegant, delicate and orderly design, as it contains multiple pockets of different size and use, such as keeping cash, photos and credit cards.

Size : The size of the wallet is small, suitable for daily use and easy to put in a women's bag or use alone

  • Weight: Lightweight, easy to carry.
  • Color: The wallet is available in three distinct and trendy colours, black, light blue and pink.
  • Type : women's wallet

Usage Tips

To keep the wallet in the same elegance and elegant appearance, you must:

  • Keep it away from children so that it does not get cut and damaged due to playing with it or the frequent use of its zipper
  • Be careful not to leave the wallet on a surface exposed to dust for a long time, which causes its colors to change.
  • Avoid the occurrence of any harmful chemical products such as chlorine and alcohol, as they affect the durability of the leather the wallet is made of.
  • A women's wallet can be cleaned by wiping it with a soft cotton towel to remove dust and dirt from it.
  • Leather polish can be used to polish the wallet and give it an attractive look.
  • Avoid stacking papers and cash inside the wallet so they do not tear or crack.


9.18 USD
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