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Women's decorative handbag and shoulder bag

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Women's decorative handbag and shoulder bag

A decorative women's handbag and shoulder bag that many women use because it is very practical and distinguished by a modern and elegant design. The woman looks modern, which increases her elegance and luxury. The fact is useful when trips and travels, with its modern design that makes it spacious for many important purposes that women need throughout the day. Choosing between its colors according to what the lady wears, which increases her attractiveness and elegance.

Definition of an embellished handbag and shoulder for women

A decorative handbag and shoulder bag for women is made of high-quality materials. It is durable and has been designed to have simple, calm, delicate and lively decorations at the same time. The bag is very spacious from the inside and has many spacious pockets, allowing items to be organized according to their type. It is used as a handbag through two hands of medium length, It is also used on the shoulder due to the presence of a long arm of strong leather to carry it on the shoulder, and it also has two medium-length hands that allow it to be carried by hand as well, which achieves comfort and elegance, and the bag is sealed due to the presence of a durable and double metal zipper and features a leather suspension that facilitates opening and closing operations without effort or suffering.

Specifications of a decorative handbag and shoulder bag for women

  • Women's decorative handbag and shoulder bag are designed in a distinctive and elegant way that can be used by hand or shoulder suitable for trips and travel
  • Convenient size can accommodate many purposes such as wallet, important papers, keys, checkbook and daily make-up essentials
  • The bag comes with thin and quiet patterns and is easy to carry on the hand or shoulder and does not represent a burden on the shoulder
  • It also does not cause fatigue or stress to the farmers, and it has distinct and multiple colors that can be chosen according to the taste of the ladies, and it suits all morning outings, the club, and others.

Features of a decorative handbag and shoulder bag for women

Women's decorative handbag and shoulder bag are designed With international specifications and durable materials; Which made it attract women and has many advantages, including the following:

  • The bag is a suitable size for all occasions, travel and excursions.
  • Made of high-quality water-resistant materials, it is durable and does not deteriorate or corrode quickly, which increases its durability.
  • Made of pu leather, it is easy to clean and does not get cracked or damaged.
  • The bag can accommodate many important items such as a wallet, keys, mobile phone, iPad, check book, and a water bottle can be placed in it.
  • The bag is distinguished by a sophisticated and modern design, as it has calm and simple inscriptions, which increases its beauty.
  • Type: Women's handbag and shoulder bag, suitable for travel, trips, and while going to work.
  • The bag has several features that make it suitable for daily use while out and about:
  • The bag has four metal bases underneath, to protect it from dust and contaminants.
  • The bag is lined from the inside with high-quality materials, safe for health, from polyester, which is easy to clean, and it also prevents the formation of unpleasant odors in it.
  • The colors of the bag are distinctive and varied, and the decorations are fixed, which increases its life and sustainability.

Product ingredients

The bag consists of multiple pockets that can accommodate many things, and it has two durable leather handles to be used as a handbag, and it has a long durable leather arm to use it on the shoulder with ease.

bag benefits

The bag has many benefits and can be used for the following:

  • Used in trips, travel and morning outings such as the club.
  • You can put a lot of things in it like wallet, mobile phone, ipad, check book, makeup tools and a small bottle of water or juice.

How to use the bag

A decorative women's handbag and shoulder bag is used after personal items are placed on the shoulder by the long arm, or it can be used on the hand through the other two arms.

65.34 USD
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