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Women's bracelet watch, modern and elegant design

12.69 USD

Women's bracelet watch, modern and elegant design

Watches are among the pieces of jewelry that women adorn themselves with and are interested in choosing and choosing from among all the pieces of jewelry. For women, watches are not considered a tool for measuring time only, but are an aesthetic piece that adorns women’s wrists, and their shapes, designs and colors vary. Beauty and simplicity, and its importance, specialized international brands in its manufacture, such as Chanel, Gucci, Rolex, DUOYA, all of these brands have dedicated part of their production to women's wrist watches.

Fashionable and elegant design women's bracelet watch:

This watch is from DUOYA brand, and it is a stylish women's watch designed in a modern and fashionable way. In front of you is wearing a watch and a bracelet next to it that adds an elegant look to the watch and increases its beauty.

Description of the modern and elegant women's bracelet watch:

It is a watch with a simple and elegant design and in the form of a circle with minute hands decorated with lobes from the inside, giving it an eye-catching aesthetic. It is made of durable quartz material and has a bracelet made of leather embellished with a golden balloon. Leather and the other made of metal decorated with white and black lobes, which in general are beautiful and suitable for all tastes.

Features of the modern women's bracelet watch:

 ♥ It is distinguished by its precision, delicacy and delicate shape.

 ♥ It is distinguished by its wonderful, eye-catching colors.

♥ It is characterized by its high quality material.

♥ And the most important thing about it is the price that is within the reach of a large group of people, estimated at 47 Saudi riyals.

Characteristics of a modern and elegant women's bracelet watch:

Each watch has characteristics that distinguish it from the rest of the watches on the market and distinguish them. Here are some of the characteristics that distinguish the DUOYA brand from the rest of the brands:

Design The DUOYA brand is characterized by the diversity of its designs and the many forms of watches with bracelets, there are leather, quartz and gold, and each design is characterized by beauty, tenderness and elegance.

Quality The DUOYA brand is distinguished by the fact that its products are of the finest materials in the commercial market and a trusted brand in the market. The watch can stay with you for many years without being affected while maintaining it.

  Colors The DUOYA brand watches are distinguished by their different colors and elegance, and the colors fit with the general taste. There are colors such as rose, gold, silver, black and red, all of which are beautiful and modern colors.

Prices: The company is known globally and has affordable prices, and this is what distinguishes it from other well-known companies, and in return it offers a good product.

Information about the watch:

Brand: DUOYA

Item No.: DY106

Type: Quartz Watch

Surface thickness: 2,7 cm

Strap width: 0.6 cm

Strap Length: 54cm

Weight: 27.2 gm

When to wear a DUOYA bracelet watch:

This watch is suitable for everything, it is suitable with a summer steel that will complement and give him joy and fit with casual clothes and give an elegant and fashionable appearance. Constantly, but in times of going out and occasions, it is not suitable to be a permanent watch on the wrist.

If you are looking for everything that is new and modern, then the watch with a bracelet from the brand DUOYA is the most suitable for you because of its wonderful and eye-catching design and the love of youth and offers many designs that suit all markets, in addition to the availability of the product online and available to everyone.

12.69 USD
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