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Wireless Earphones With Charging Stand Black Color

66.15 USD

Wireless Earphones With Charging Stand Black Color

Wireless earphones with charging stand, black color, is a headset that many people are looking for as it has perfect specifications, and simple dimensions that make it easy to hide behind the ear easily. It is an earphone that includes all the features you are looking for when thinking of buying a wireless earphone.

♫ BlitzWolf BW-FYE5 is an upcoming compact wireless earbud with Bluetooth 5.0V version with a beautiful and modern design.

The headset comes with a small charging case, and also it is IPX6 waterproof, two-way call capability, Bass tuning, Alto, Triple balance, magnetic absorption, wearing comfort, Bluetooth 5.0 V, gives you stable transmission, low power consumption.

Blitz Wolf BW-FYE 5 . Headphone Specifications

There are many features that you can find with wireless earbuds with a charging stand, and these features include:

Ergonomically designed for a more comfortable fit on the ear.

A small size headset that can be placed behind the ear without anyone seeing, noticing or even feeling it

Streamlined and modern shape makes it a distinctive choice for all those with fine taste.

The bluetooth range is 10 meters.

The headset also features the possibility of bilateral calls through it.

It also features the ability to adjust Alto, Bass, which makes it more distinctive.

Easy to put on and you feel very comfortable when you wear it.

What is one of the biggest advantages of the speaker is the low power consumption through it, which makes it more economical

is yours.

The speaker is also distinguished by its superior ability to filter the sound from any noise that may be caused to the sound

issued through it.

The wireless earbuds with charging stand in black color has a sound sensitivity of 99 dB.

It is also characterized by the ability to control its preparation and the triple layers in it with ease, which

It makes you choose the sound and settings that are right for you.

It also has a high-capacity magnetic charging box.

The headset works for a long time as it works from 2.5 hours to 3.0

You can also charge the headphone box within two hours as well.

It also features a USB Type-C charging port to suit all tastes and choices.

It also features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The charging time is 120 minutes

It also has a frequency response range of 20 Hz - 20 kHz.

It is also characterized by its compatibility with multiple devices.

· Available in black.

Support for IOS popups above 12.1.

The 5.0 chip manages battery life very well, allowing you to listen for 2-3 hours on a single charge

Important instructions when using wireless earbuds with charging stand black color

There are some instructions placed with the headset that must be paid close attention to when using, and these instructions include:

Before use, the headset must be placed in the charging case until it is fully charged before use.

Headphone touch control feature

The headset also supports the touch control feature, according to the following specifications:

With just a short touch, you can play music (pause), as well as answer calls.

You can also, by short touch, double the left or right speaker to increase or decrease the volume.

· Also through three short touches of the left or right speaker for the following music.

· You can also turn it on and off by touch.

✔ Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Effects + Passive Noise Canceling

It gives you control over the earbuds settings and adjust them to your preferences through the bass, alto and treble settings.

Speaker layers:

1. Silica gel earmuff

2. Megaphone Net

3. Loudspeaker

4. Small charging chip

5. Earphone bottom case

6. Headphone magnet

7. Battery

8. Headphone shell

9. PCB board

10. Button control

✔ Small Charging Box:

Lighter and more compact than ever before and smaller than other shipping boxes.

Such as :


Apple Airpod



✔ High Capacity Magnetic Charging Box:

long working time:

Running time: 2.5 hours to 3.0 hours

Standby time: Standby time up to 170 hours

Express Shipping Time:

Charging the earphones → only 2 hours

Charging the battery case or earphone box → also within 2 hours

💡 Comes with anti-corrosion electroplating technology and stylish design Comes in blue and black colors with glossy luster Lightweight and comfortable feel of BIITZW handle

Note: Before use, please remove the insulating stickers that are used to prevent electrical leakage and put the earphones into the charging case to be fully charged.

💡 Water Resistant + IPX6 Sweat Resistant, The earphone comes with water resistance that you can also use in the rain

Note: Do not use the earphone for swimming or diving because the earphone is not equipped for this.

💡 Auto On/Off: The earphone activates when removed from the charging case, and turns off when put back into the charging case.

Earphone Dimensions: 15.5mm * 13mm * 21.5mm

Charging box dimensions: 37mm * 60mm * 28mm

Wireless earbuds with charging stand, black color, have many features that make them the best and ideal choice for all those looking for good taste and distinctive capabilities.



66.15 USD
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