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Abdominal exercises for weight loss

52.38 USD

The weight loss belt is made of high-quality materials, multi-section, you can adjust it to fit the size of the waist for slimming and body sculpting, making you get back in shape easily

weight loss belt specification

  • Size: multi-section adjustable
  • Material: ABS material
  • Suitable Waist: About 60-140cm
  • Total net weight: about 1100g
  • Pendulum weight: about 300g
  • Followed people: postpartum moms, students
  • Uses: fitness, slimming, body sculpting

Weight loss belt features

  • Adjustable: Consists of sections, you can adjust the length according to your waist size, use the weight loss belt 30 minutes a day to burn fat waist to lose weight and shape your sexy slim waist line. Members can use this collar. Suitable for families.
  • PORTABLE MASSAGE WEIGHT LOSS BELT: It has a massage point that reduces vibration, allowing you to perform a 360° surround massage while rotating the hoop. It can make your belly burn fat quickly and double the effect of weight loss

weight loss belt uses

  • The weight loss belt is easy to use even for beginners. For children and adults, this kind of hoops are very easy to assemble and disassemble. The easy-to-adjust fitness function is perfect for your waist.
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE The weight loss belt is suitable for all levels of difficulty from beginners to professionals. Burning fat makes your waist slim, suitable for aerobic exercise and dancing
  • Weight loss belt helps you lose weight and get the ultimate relaxation.
  • Fitness Hula Hoop Wide Adjustable With Massage Nodules For Adult Kids Beginner Weight Loss Ring Fitness Massage Hula Hoop No Fall Weight Loss Belt Yoga Weight Loss Belt Waistline can be adjusted to fit more people.

customer reviews

First opinion: Great product, easy to use, easy to install, really fun while doing sports, body sculpting has become easier and fun as well with this wonderful hoop.

Second opinion: I used to hate doing sports, but with this collar, sports became more beautiful. It is fun and easy to use. I use it for only half an hour a day, and there is a really clear difference. My waist seems to be thin.

common questions

Is the product high quality?

Yes, it is made of high quality materials and can withstand frequent use

52.38 USD
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