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waterproof phone cover

21.06 USD

Wall Mounted Phone Waterproof Cover, Sealed Waterproof Anti-Fog Waterproof Cover for Bathroom, Shower, Kitchen and More, Compatible with Most Mobile Phones

Waterproof Cover Specifications

  • Product size: about 28 x 19 x 105mm / 1.1 * 0.75 * 4.13in
  • Applicable mobile phones: less than 6.8 inches
  • Product weight: about 140g
  • Color: white/blue
  • Installation method: non-marking sticker and hole-free wall hanging
  • Application: travel, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room

Features of a waterproof cover

  • 100% WATERPROOF PROTECTION No matter if it's a splash, spill or total immersion, a waterproof cover has given you reliable protection. At the same time it does not affect the sound.
  • High-visibility anti-fog window Even if fog is created while taking a shower, it will not affect the clarity of the phone screen.
  • Waterproof cover Sensitive touch screen Flexible screen, you can move freely from inside the shower or bath, adjust the volume, change songs, play games and scroll through the news.

waterproof cover uses

  • Installs easily Easy to stick, sturdy and stable, can be hung anywhere without any trace.
  • Size fits most phones Universal size fits all cell phones under 6.8 inch.

customer reviews

First opinion: I didn't know how much I needed this until I got it. The sound is great, you can control your phone in the case, and that was great. Recommended for anyone who has an ADD like me and needs something to listen to or watch in the shower, no more trying to prop up my phone and accidentally drop it in the water.

Second opinion: I bought this for my wife it's fun for them to put their phones in the bathroom and watch YouTube or listen to music Now 6 months later we've bought another house and moved. The adhesion was very good, it wouldn't come off the wall to move it and you can't just buy the adhesive. Although it is worth the money!!

common questions

  • Is this cover fixed to the wall and does not slip?

Yes, it is very stable and protects your phone from water wonderfully

21.06 USD
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