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water filter washable ceramic faucets

36.72 USD

There are a lot of sediments and impurities in the water that we cannot see with the naked eye, and they are very harmful to health and cause many problems in the kidneys. Therefore, a filter must be installed to purify the water from impurities.

The water purifier filter is a special filter to purify water from the impurities and sediments in it that are not visible to the naked eye. It removes many impurities such as chlorine, rust, small insects and many other sediments.

Features of the washable water purifier filter

  • The washable water filter has a superior ability to purify the water from the impurities and chlorine that is present in it, which guarantees you clean healthy water.
  • The filter is made of strong plastic and high-quality materials, which makes it hard and resistant to breakage.
  • The water filter does not need to be cleaned for six consecutive months, and the filter is easy to clean.
  • The filter is removable in order to wash it and clean it of the impurities in it, unlike other filters that need to change the wax in it, which leads to an additional cost.
  • The filter is characterized by its small size, it does not take up much space when installed, as it is installed directly on the water faucet.
  • The filter is easy to install and connect to the water tap, so there is no need to bring a specialized person to install it.
  • The filter has its own faucet for pure water, and the water is released as soon as the filter tap is opened.

36.72 USD
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