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Sticky things holder on the wall

8.64 USD

Wall hanger, strong wall adhesive, you can install things on the wall easily, it can be used at home or in the car, for the charger cord, and it can also be used for the kitchen and bathroom

Features of a wall relationship

  • Multipurpose wall hanger for home or car use
  • With the wall hanger no traces, the glue is good elastic and hard bearing, not easy to tear, tearing will not leave any difficulty in removing glue marks, keeping the wall clean.
  • The adhesive is highly flexible, and is stronger and more stable than any wall hanger on the market, so you never have to worry about it falling off.
  • Ordinary wall hanger easily falls off when exposed to water.But our unmarked ones stay firm even in water, water splash, and moisture on the wall.

wall hanger uses

  • High-quality material Self-adhesive wall hanger is made of high-quality materials with good elasticity and rigidity, and there is no difficulty in removing glue marks to keep the walls clean.
  • Self-adhesive design for easy and convenient hanging, don't worry about there is no hanging hole, wall and ceiling mounted. No drilling, no screws, no holes, no glue.
  • Relationship wall is easy to install just the surface clean and dry, then place the hook on the smooth surface. Easy to clean and reposition without damaging the surface. It can be reused if it is dried well in the dryer
  • Outdoor wall hanger, kitchen, coat hanger, key hanger, for plants,. Especially great for home and kitchen gadgets perfect for Christmas lights and Christmas wreaths too.

customer reviews

The first opinion: A wonderful wall relationship, very strong and stable, bears and does not fall

Second opinion: A strong and excellent product that I use in my house to install many things and is not affected by humidity. I recommend it

common questions

Is the clamp adhesive strong?

Yes, it is very strong, does not allow it to fall at all, and it is also waterproof

8.64 USD
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