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USB LED for lighting and a small fan

6.22 USD

Walid USB fans USB small fan, suitable flexible and quiet cooling fan travel portable pocket fan, USB desk computer beautiful colors and attractive different.

USB LED Features

  • LED USB SAFE AND ECO-FRIENDLY This portable USB fan is assembled with a built-in molding plastic housing, which is made of TPE. It will not hurt you at all even if you touch the fan blade while the engine is running. However, it is better to keep it away from children.
  • High speed but low noise The airflow it blows is neither too strong nor too weak, it's just right for you and the lighting is just right
  • The USB LED is colorful and beautiful. There are very wonderful colors. You can give some to your friends as gifts. You can also keep them all to decorate your table or something else.

USB LED uses

  • The USB LED is lightweight and portable, which is very convenient to carry on the trip.
  • Flexible and easy to install, it is very flexible. You can twist it into several shapes. For example: straight natural shape; U shape L shape and Z shape. Meanwhile, there is only one step to install it: Insert the motor shaft into the center hole of the fan blade. Please note, do not insert the shaft deeply to the end, otherwise friction will prevent the fan blade from rotating, and then it may damage the motor coils.
  • The USB LED light brightness levels built with a touch sensitive switch is easy to create the perfect light for yourself.
  • USB LED energy saving, low power consumption and high performance, illuminating your area without disturbing anyone
  • Wide application specially for laptop and computer keyboard without backlight, also bright enough for reading area and working, camping or traveling.
  • This portable fan is a good partner for you in summer.

customer reviews

  • First opinion: A wonderful product that is lightweight, easy to fold, and is excellent as a fan outside the house
  • Second opinion: The lighting of this product is very suitable for reading and working on the computer without disturbing anyone. It is really wonderful

common questions

  • Question: Is the fan easy to carry in a pocket?

Answer: Yes, it is portable. It is better to take it apart when you put it in your pocket. We would like to remind you that you need to take a fully charged power bank with you as well.

6.22 USD
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