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Universal Detachable Long Arm Bed Phone Holder

37.48 USD

Universal Detachable Long Arm Bed Phone Holder

There are many shapes and types of smartphone holders, the universal long arm phone holder, which can be separated from it, because it has many different features, and now we will show you all the details of the universal detachable long arm phone holder.

● It has the advantage of being non-slip, as it is characterized by an ideal attractive and elegant design in addition to its various methods of use, convenient to use by many,This product is the most suitable choice for you, as it is the product that was able to prove its efficiency in a very short time because it was manufactured Of the finest materials while providing you with all the comforts.

Simple and wonderful design in use, because it has a long arm that can be folded, in addition to that it is possible to separate those arms from them, which makes this product usable in many different situations and places, and the design of the product is available with a small chip that makes it unobtrusive It can be slipped from the place where it is located, in addition to the release of the spiral and compressed product.

This product was manufactured and issued in different sizes that fit many phones of this era, which in turn come in sizes from 3.5 to 10.5 inches

● The material from which this product is made is ABS plastic, which is called acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.

The stand arm is very long, which enables you to use this stand better, in addition to the ability of the stand to detach the arm.

The weight of the holder is ideal for use in many times, as it weighs 0.418 kg, in addition to the size of the box, which is 20 cm, the normal version of this holder comes with 88 cm

Product Features:

Magnetic : No.

Loudspeaker : no.

Compatible Brands : All.

Model Number : ZZ213.

Use : office.

Material : ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic

Charger : no.

Box contents:

1 * phone holder

Box details

Unit Type: piece

Case weight: 0.418 kg

Case size: 20cm * 15cm * 5cm

37.48 USD
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