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Unisex sunglasses

16.20 USD

Unisex sunglasses

Unisex sunglasses are the latest trend in the world of glasses, as they come with a thin design that suits both men and women alike, and it is known that what attracts the most attention of men to women or vice versa is elegance and good appearance, and sunglasses are the magic touch that adds more charm And the attractiveness of the look of the wearer, and companies compete to provide everything new and latest in the field of sunglasses, in line with the fashion lines in clothes and accessories.

product shape

Unisex sunglasses are manufactured with a unique and modern design with a golden frame that is very elegant and beautiful, and it also contains two distinctive arms that are streamlined and durable, and contains a simple and thin nose bridge, and distinctive black lenses suitable for both sexes as it gives a sense of luxury and distinction as well as provides high protection from harmful weather factors And the hot sun.

Unisex sunglasses features 

Eyeglasses have many characteristics that make them a must-have for any modern man or woman looking for elegance and distinction, and these characteristics are summarized as follows:

  • The glasses appear in a sophisticated and distinctive way, suitable for both men and women, and can be worn at all times
  • The glasses contain lenses made of high-quality materials that give a sense of comfort and transparency to the eye from all angles.
  • The glasses feature a distinctive stainless steel frame with a simple and attractive appearance, which increases the beauty of the glasses in addition to the durability of the materials made of them to suit daily use.
  • The glasses have a small and delicate nose bridge that is comfortable for the nose and does not cause a feeling of tightness
  • The temples of the glasses are covered at the ends with a thin silicone sleeve for added comfort during wearing
  • The glasses contain flexible nose pads made of transparent silicone that fit all shapes and sizes of the nose
  • The glasses frame has high quality and durable metal hinges to withstand prolonged use without being damaged
  • The elegant black color glasses suit all kinds of clothes and colors, whether it is classic or casual
  • Unisex sunglasses have a high ability to reflect UV rays and protect the eyes from them.
  • The glasses have a unique appearance that suits round, oval and oblong faces, which gives versatility to use for all face shapes.
  • The glasses give women a permanent sense of confidence and protection, in addition to the distinctive color of the lenses, which gives the impression of luxury and high taste
  • The glasses are available at an affordable price that suits everyone in terms of the durability of their materials
  • The simple and unpretentious design of the glasses makes it suitable for all ages
  • The glasses come with a check case made of high quality materials, to protect them from scratches and exposure to breakage, and a cloth tissue to clean them.

Design :

The design of the glasses is modern and elegant, suitable for men and women, and gives permanent protection from the sun's rays. Gold-tone metal frames suggest luxury and delicacy. Black lenses add more attractiveness to the glasses, in addition to silicone cushions that do not harm the nose, and durable and high-quality metal hinges.

  • Size: The glasses take a medium size, suitable for all face shapes
  • Weight : Light and comfortable during prolonged use
  • Color : Black lenses with a distinctive circular golden frame
  • Type: unisex sunglasses

Usage Tips 

To enjoy the use of sunglasses, you must maintain them by following the following:

  • Keep the glasses in their pouch in case you take them off to protect them from breakage or scratching
  • Clean the glasses using the tissue designated for them and not clean them with paper tissues or towels.
  • Do not clean them with cleaning fluids because they cause distortion to the view of the lenses.
  • Keep the glasses in a place away from children
  • Avoid exposing unisex sunglasses to high temperatures.

Details in size

Lens Width: 59mm / 2.32inch

Lens Height: 46mm / 1.81inch

Frame Width: 147 mm / 5.78 inch

Legs Length: 14cm/5.74inch

Score: 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400

16.20 USD
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