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Unisex Hexagon Sunglasses Soft and Stylish Design Multicolour

12.15 USD

Unisex hexagonal sunglasses

Hexagonal glasses for unisex There is no doubt that the use of sunglasses is one of the necessary things that we need daily, as it protects the eyes from direct sunlight, in addition to protecting the eyes from ultraviolet rays

Harmful ultraviolet, it protects the eyeball and prevents diseases that affect the retina, and many new and distinctive models of sunglasses appear daily to suit all daily looks.

Unisex hexagonal sunglasses for men and women

One of the latest models of glasses is hexagonal glasses for both sexes, which suit both men and women in different looks.

A morning walk or on your way to work, the glasses lens are made of resin, the frame is made of PC, which is light in weight about 50 grams for better comfort while using the glasses, and it also has UV 400, and the hexagonal glasses come in multiple colors, which are white, black, red, brown, beige and blue and pink.

Specifications of good sunglasses

Unisex hexagonal lenses, large or medium-sized, for eye coverage

And sun protection.

The lenses are made of well-made materials that do not harm the eyes or the level of vision.

In case of poor vision or any eye problems, medical sunglasses should be chosen, to protect from the sun and maintain a clear vision.

Brown and gray lenses for clear vision and colors without distortion.

· Weight: 50 grams

· Advantage: UV 400

· Frame Material: PC

· Lens Material: Resin

Types of lenses used in unisex tripod glasses

Polarized sunglasses are ideal lenses for those who spend a long time in direct sunlight or drive for long periods.

Sunglasses with lenses that reflect direct sunlight

It is characterized by its ability to significantly reduce the sun's rays that penetrate directly into the eye.

Sunglasses that contain gradations of color and start with a darker color and then the color begins to gradually become lighter.

Photochromic sunglasses are ideal for those with low vision who use prescription glasses,

It allows dispensing with the use of two glasses at the same time and only one for the purposes of sun protection and vision correction, and these lenses have the ability to change their color in seconds according to the degree and intensity of light.

How to maintain the hexagonal freshness, the perfect protection from the sun's rays

It is recommended to use the towel for glasses only for cleaning and polishing and not to use any other tools or fabrics that may scratch the lenses such as paper tissues, synthetic fabrics and towels.

It is advised not to expose hexagonal sunglasses to any industrial polishing products to avoid removing the protective layers from the sun's rays from the lenses.

The glasses should be kept in their pouch when not in use to avoid falling or breaking.

Avoid placing the glasses in places exposed to extreme heat, such as placing them in the car under direct sunlight for long periods.

Do not wear sunglasses over the head so as not to fall, and the sizes of the arms of the glasses change

because of that habit.

In the case of wearing sunglasses on the beach, avoid exposing the glasses to sand and sea water particles so as not to be scratched and damaged.


12.15 USD
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