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travel makeup bag

10.53 USD

Drawstring Travel Makeup Bag - Black Opens flat for easy access A durable and elegant makeup bag, very suitable for carrying everywhere.

Features of a travel makeup bag

  • Multifunctional and practical - the raised outer lip prevents items from rolling off; Zippered storage pocket for private / small items; Flexible mounts keep items organized; Really cool hanging handle
  • Stylish, Durable, Washable Travel Makeup Bag - Stylish and flexible quilted stitching design; Made of water-resistant polyester for easy wiping or machine washing.

travel makeup bag uses

  • Quick access to your things - opens quickly and flat for easy loading / unloading; See all your items at once; Don't empty or dig in your makeup bag; pull the drawstring closes quickly; Makes a great time
  • Travel makeup bag does not take up much space; Fits everywhere and can be hung easily; Flat design protects your items from touching foreign surfaces; Ideal for trips, gym and workplace; Drawstring closure design makes it easy to close and a great bag
  • GREAT GIFT - Suitable for friends, family, birthdays, college gifts and more; Send it directly to your special someone
  • This travel makeup bag has a zip storage pocket, a rubber brush holder and a convenient handle. You have everything you need from the gym to the office
  • Easily washable travel makeup bag Broken eyeshadow? Spilled foundation? Not a problem! Simply wipe with a damp cloth or empty your bag and toss in the washing machine in like colors

customer reviews

  • First opinion: I like this and will buy it. Easy to open, close and use. Opens flat. Easy to use.
  • Second opinion: Wow, someone finally invented this!! I'm so sick of not being able to find my makeup in my makeup bag. I'll have to take it all out just to find one thing. This bag is amazing! I also bought four of these for people as Christmas gifts and everyone is obsessed! If you wear makeup, you need this bag.

common questions

Is the bag cleanable?

Yes, of course, you can empty its contents and put it in the washing machine very easily

10.53 USD
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