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Tinted night vision sunglasses with UV400 protection

9.45 USD

Tinted night vision sunglasses with UV400 protection

Sunglasses and night glasses that are tinted according to the weather and equipped with a layer of UV400 protection against ultraviolet rays. It is one of the best glasses that a person needs to wear before going out in the sun at noon, because at that time the sun is very dangerous, which may affect the health of the skin as well as the eyes due to the concentration of the outgoing ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Tinted night vision sunglasses with UV400 protection

They are glasses designed to be worn at night and in the day to protect the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, as well as to protect the eyes at night from high light, as well as dust when the weather changes. It can hit the eye, as it is one of the latest models on the market, it is made to suit both men and women, day and night. Colors, distinctive.

Specifications of sunglasses and night

Sunglasses with tinted color according to the weather, with UV400 protection from ultraviolet rays, and it has many other specifications, namely:

  • They consist of lenses of all sizes that suit all tastes and protect the eyes from harmful sunlight.
  • It is made of a good material for the manufacture of lenses so that the period of wearing them does not affect the eye, as it does not cause damage to the level of vision, as well as does not cause problems for the eyes.
  • There are medical glasses to be worn in case of low vision or any eye problems, as well as to provide a clear vision for the user.
  • It contains different colors, the best of which are brown and gray, which enables the user to see clearly without mixing colors.

The types of lenses found in tinted night sunglasses have UV400 protection against ultraviolet rays

There are many lenses that make up sunglasses and night glasses, and they are:

  • Polarized lenses, ideal for spending long periods of time in the sun without the eyes getting affected by dangerous X-rays.
  • Lenses that reflect the sun's rays so as not to harm the eyes.
  • Lenses that contain the ability to significantly reduce the risk of sunlight falling on the eyes.
  • Glasses with different color gradations consisting of all the light and dark colors that contribute to the protection of the eyes.
  • Photochromic glasses are prescription glasses for people with low vision.

Sunglasses and night glasses enable you to dispense with two glasses, one for the sun and the other for sight, as it can provide you with both services in one eyeglass.

How to keep sunglasses and night from damage?

The tinted night vision sunglasses with UV400 protection are maintained through a few steps:

  • Use a glasses towel to polish.
  • Do not put any polishing products on the glasses.
  • Keep the glasses inside their own case after use.
  • Do not wear it over the head so that it does not fall out and be damaged.
  • Avoid exposing it to sand so as not to damage it.

9.45 USD
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