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The smart watch can calculate the blood pressure rate for both sexes

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The smart watch can calculate the blood pressure rate for both sexes

The smart watch is one of the most advanced watches, through which you can identify your heart problems. It is considered one of the best selling smart watches, as it suits all tastes and ages, is water resistant, and is characterized by many specifications and features that all work to maintain your health and fitness.

With the development of science and technology, a smart watch has appeared to us with the ability to calculate the rate of blood pressure, and this is one of the useful things and shows the extent of the technology that man has reached, and it is clear that this watch has existed for a long time and because it has now been developed before and has several features added to it and it can detect heart diseases and the first to issue This version was Apple and then followed by many companies and produced digital smart watches with many features.

Product Introduction

It is considered one of the distinguished watches in its classic elegant shape that suits all age groups, it has high-quality capabilities to display data with the utmost accuracy, it is resistant to vibration, it is distinguished by its luminousness through LED lights and it displays the calendar and acts as a great alarm to help you wake up on appointments.

Details about the smart watch with the ability to calculate blood pressure:

With this smart watch, you can follow incoming calls and messages to the phone and messages from social networking sites from Twitter, Facebook and Wechat, and you can get exercise data such as the number of steps, distance traveled, calories, pulse rate, blood pressure measurement and others and be assured of Your health With the possibility of changing the screen display vertically or horizontally and this smart watch can be connected with your mobile phone, all this data can be synchronized and analyzed on your mobile phone that helps you know your sports data more clearly.

The main characteristics of the smart watch:

Bluetooth Synchronization:

With Bluetooth 4.0, this smart watch is available for smart phones with Bluetooth functions of sending and receiving.

Pulse measurement:

Whether you are resting, exercising, or sleeping, it detects your heart rate with pinpoint accuracy

Blood pressure measurement:

You can measure your blood pressure and record the readings on the phone program, and tell you if there is something wrong with your blood pressure or if you suffer from heart disease.

Anti-theft phone:

Sending an alert after the mobile phone is out of range in a certain distance, you don't need to worry about losing the phone, it will send a message to tell you the distance of the phone.

sports watch:

This smart watch can record steps, calories and distance, so you can know the sports data and know how many calories you lost and the number of steps and you can set a certain number of calories to lose daily, and adjust the exercise program

Calorie Burned Rate:

Because the watch can monitor the amount and quality of movement, it can calculate the rate of burning calories, so you know how much you burn daily and if you follow a diet, this will be of great benefit to you.

sleep monitoring:

Accurately monitor your total actual sleep time and movement time each night, which helps develop good living habits, measures your heart rate during sleep and gives an alert if you have a heart attack while you sleep

Reminders of breaks:

Develop scientific habits and effectively resist sub-health, as designed to maintain your health in all respects.

Weather Calculation:

It forecasts the weather daily, whether it's sunny, stormy or rainy and tells you every morning.

Functions of the smart watch:

Calculate time and date.

Heart rate measurement.

Measure your blood pressure.

Record the distance traveled.


Find the location of your phone and resist theft.

Phone notification messages (SMS, Messenger, Whatsapp).

Water Resistant.


Show incoming calls.

Measure calories burned.

View the screen vertically or horizontally.

Reminder of breaks.

Sleep management.

Informing you of the weather.

Product Features

  • It is a smart watch that counts all your steps and calculates all your calories on a daily basis.
  • The ability to display the daily weather forecast.
  • Among the distinctive features of the watch is that it has a multi-function LED screen.
  • The watch is water resistant to a depth of 50 metres.
  • One of its most important features is that it is resistant to shaking.
  • You display the time and calendar.
  • It has an LED screen.
  • It has a countdown feature.

Description of the smart watch with the ability to calculate the rate of blood pressure for both sexes

  • Watch diameter: 4.3
  • Case thickness: 1.0
  • Band Length: 24.5
  • Product Width: 2.2
  • Watch glass material: mineral glass
  • Watch category: It is considered a smart watch - among the categories of watches that measure heart rates
  • Categories to match the watch: Suitable for all family members
  • Waterproof to a depth of 50 metres.
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Charger power: 5V / A 1 to A 2.1

Specifications of the watch:

Watch Shape: Round

Material: The bracelet is made of silicone and the watch frame is of high-end metal that matches the shape of the watch, and this watch adopts the classic shape.

Clock Efficiency: The top chip of the clock performs high checking as a result of its development, and provides sufficient support for the clock and display the required data.

Product Warnings

  • You should not press any key underwater so as not to damage the watch.
  • It cannot be worn while swimming.
  • You can not wear it during underwater operations, so as to keep it for a longer time.

How to use the smart watch with the ability to calculate the blood pressure rate for both sexes

  • It must be connected to the charger when using it for the first time.
  • You must ensure that the charger is well connected during the charging process.
  • If the battery runs out, it must be charged before activating it.
  • Please read the user manual carefully before use.

Finally, if you have not yet purchased this smart watch, hurry up to buy it, as it is versatile and is carried in the wrist and connects to the phone with ease.

In the end, we can say that the smart watch can be worn at all times, as it makes you feel comfortable while wearing it, as it is distinguished by a bracelet made of silica gel material, and it is considered one of the sports watches.

31.32 USD
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