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The baby carrier is placed on the waist

28.89 USD

The baby carrier is placed on the waist

Mothers always suffer from the method of carrying a baby, which causes them a lot of pain in the back and neck, especially when they have to carry and move their babies after the birth process. Therefore, the baby carrier, which is placed on the waist, was designed to facilitate mothers.

Specifications of the baby carrier that is placed on the waist

The baby carrier is a way to help mothers carry their babies in an easy way without stressing them.

Features of the baby carrier that is placed on the waist

There are a lot of features in the baby carrier that motivate you to buy it instead of holding your baby directly in the hand.

  • Fixation: The baby carrier is well attached to the mother in the neck and around the waist so that it is not exposed to the jaw and does not endanger the baby.
  • The size of the holder: the holder is large in size, it is the watch of any infant with ease and comfort.
  • Child age: Babies can be placed in the carrier from birth until they reach the age of 36 months.
  • The baby carrier bears a reasonable weight, with a load of up to 20 kilograms, which is enough weight for the baby and some of the things that the mother may need.
  • The length of the waist belt: the waist belt for the child carrier is from 70 to 118 cm, and it is an adjustable belt and has a lining that allows for breathable foam and reflective strips for safety.
  • The interior design of the baby carrier: The interior design of the baby carrier is very wonderful and practical, so it was invented in order to allow the mother to put the things she wants next to the baby without feeling them, so she does not have to carry a lot of bags. The baby carrier from the inside is divided into three sections and they are
  1. Comfortable hip seat for the child: The seat is very comfortable for children, the infant is easily seated on it and does not affect the child's growth and does not harm him, and this seat enables you to control the child well.
  2. Storage bag: It is a bag with an acceptable width in order to put the important things for the child and that you cannot move without it.
  3. Mother's bag: A bag intended for the mother's purposes so that she does not have to take a handbag, so that she is fully devoted to her child.
  • Exterior design: The baby carrier has a beautiful and elegant exterior design, as it has an attractive appearance that does not diminish your elegance, and there is a double pocket in which you can put the things you use a lot, such as keys and the baby's milk bottle.
  • Available carrier colors: The baby carrier is available in several colors to suit all different tastes. It is available in eight colors (red, khaki, purple, pink, aqua blue, blue, silver, green)

♥ The baby carrier is very suitable for every mother who suffers from difficulty carrying her new baby, as it enables you to put the baby in it in a correct way that does not harm his health and at the same time ensures that you control your baby. Especially for the mother in order to put all your important things and an external pocket in order to put the things you use a lot such as mobile phone, money and keys


Color: red, pink, purple, khaki, blue, aqua blue, mint green, silver

Suitable age: 0-36 months

Load bearing: 20kg

Waist belt: 70-118cm

Feature: Adjustable waist belt. 30mm breathable sponge liner. 15mm sponge pad; safety reflective strips

Package Included:

1 x baby carrier

28.89 USD
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