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Surface Mount Knife Sharpener

15.66 USD


Xiaomi HUOHOU hu0045 Sharpening Stone Double Wheel Whetstone Matches K-Sharpening Tool Sharpening Kitchen Tools

- High-quality

grinding wheel uses high-quality grinding wheel, and can achieve grinding / precise, sharp sharpening, very sharp

- ABS resin

Adopts high-quality resin standard ABS material, which has comprehensive performance of PB, PAN and PS. It has strong impact resistance, high safety, light weight, non-toxic and easy to clean.

- Diamond rough grinding wheel

The diamond grinding wheel is a special impact tool for grinding of high-strength and fragile materials such as cement carbide. It has the characteristics of high containment strength, long life and low wear

- accurate ceramic grinding

wheel. The ceramic grinding wheel features stability, heat resistance, water resistance and high strength. Its high precision can effectively reduce k-nife edge stings and blade grinding, making it sharp

- suction cup design

The suction cup design, which can be attached to the table top in one batch, is very safe, and effectively avoids accidental injuries resulting from improper operation.


15.66 USD
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