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Support plate to support chest, back and back humerus exercises in different positions

83.97 USD

Burn the calories you want and build strength and muscle with this innovative push-up system

Tablet Booster Specifications:

Supporter: A support board that supports chest and back exercises, as well as the back muscles of the humerus in various positions

Size: 19x60cm / 7.40x23.4in

Tablet booster fits: outdoor / home / gym

Color functions on the tablet booster:

It is to differentiate for the person the area being trained, and each color indicates a specific area:

Red: exercises the shoulder muscles

Blue: As for the blue color, it exercises the chest area

Yellow: The yellow color exercises the back area

Green: exercises the arm muscles

Distinctive Features of Tablet Sports Booster:


* A clear logo to know the type of exercise

* Non-slip handle

*Made of ABS material

*Sleek design without screws


The simple booster that you can carry easily:

Width Support Panel to Workout Multiple Muscles

Different color-coded push-ups target specific muscle action.

83.97 USD
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