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Summer wicker women's handbag

38.88 USD

Be chic on the beach or in the chalet The perfect wicker bag for summer holidays

If you are looking for a perfect and attractive bag, a new bag in shape, material and specifications

A bag that keeps pace with the modern developments in the fashion world in the current period

Definitely a wicker summer women's handbag will be the right bag for you

This is because it will provide you with a lot of features that you will not find in any other summer bag, as a wicker summer women's handbag has received great attention from all designers, so it will be the perfect bag for you in the end, and now we will show you a lot of details of this bag Featured

There are many features of this elegant bag and different from other women's bags

- This beautiful summer women's bag comes in a wonderful and attractive shape

- If you are bored of traditional bags, a wicker summer women's handbag where simplicity, beauty and distinction

Made of wicker material, which made it one of the most different and unique women's bags

The bag has an internal drawstring that makes it completely sealed so you don't lose any of your things

- The size of the bag is great and makes it suitable for use in more than one way, it comes in a perfect size that makes its capacity large and can contain many things and the size is

cm. 12.5 x 40 cm x 27 cm

The versatility that you can get by purchasing this excellent bag, because it has many features that make it one of the best women's bags.

You can use this bag at different times of the summer

You can use this bag if you go to different beaches and resorts in the summer

38.88 USD
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