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Stylish shoulder bag

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🌸 If you are looking for a youthful and modern look, a complete and attractive look, if you are a fan of different and elegant bags.

The women's shoulder bag will certainly be the right bag for you, because it will provide you with a youthful, distinctive and elegant look

It makes you feel more self-confident and individual, as it has a luxurious and elegant character with a lot of excellent quality materials.

In addition to the exquisite exterior design, which in turn makes the women's shoulder bag one of the bags you will always love

It caused quite a stir in the bag industry upon its release.

This bag is one of the most popular and widespread youth women's bags because it is admired by many women and girls who use it permanently, because it will work to complete your look in the appropriate and attractive image, as it is a type of practical and distinctive bags that you will resort to in different and distinctive situations Created to suit modern women and girls.

Small women's shoulder bags are one of the most popular and popular types of women's bags for girls with a special and elegant character that many women and girls like. Designed to suit the modern woman

The exterior design of the bag is one of the most wonderful designs that any woman can have, as it is very elegant and sophisticated as it keeps pace with youthful changes.

A medium sized bag, suitable for most girls, comes in a practical size:

Height: 18cm

Width: 6cm

Height: 9cm

● The bag comes in three distinct colors:

the black

the green


● The bag is equipped with a long and sturdy arm that is capable of carrying and has a small pocket on the inside of the bag.

● The bag is of high quality and excellent with a great classic look

28.89 USD
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