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Stylish Elephant Back and Shoulder Bag

47.79 USD

Stylish Elephant Back and Shoulder Bag

If you are looking for an elegant, practical and attractive bag with a distinctive shape, then you should choose that ideal bag and also comfortable and suffice for all purposes such as books, office tools, food and all purposes, and not all bags designs with these specifications, many bags depend on the shape and have a large capacity.

Why use this stylish Elephant Backpack and Shoulder Bag:

This bag has many features that are the perfect choice if you are looking for a practical bag that suits a hard day and accommodates many things and its high quality so that it can be carried everywhere. .

Elephant Backpack and Shoulder Bag Details:

The bag is made of leather and fabric together, giving an elegant and modern shape with a unique design and designed to suit all tastes. The fabric of the bag is decorated with a beautiful and elegant elephant drawing, and there are inscriptions around the elephant drawing that highlight it and show it, and there are two straps on the back side of the bag to carry it through On the back, and another belt installed from both sides of the bag to carry the bag on the shoulder, and this belt has the feature of disassembly and installation, and there is one large zipper in the bag and the capacity of the entire bag lies within it and a small secret pocket inside, and there is a place to put a water bottle or rain umbrella, and there are two zippers on the bag to decorate Satchel.

Features of Elephant Backpack and Shoulder Bag:

♦ It is convenient to carry and practical.

large size.

Made of high quality fabric from an international brand.

♦ It has a great design and is characterized by its black and white color.

Elephant Backpack and Shoulder Bag Features:

There are many backpacks and shoulder bags, and this model was not present before in the bag industry, but with the development of life and the increase in preoccupations, these bags were designed to suit the stressful working life and be comfortable, and here are some of their characteristics:

The bag is characterized by high quality in manufacturing, perfectly manufactured and free from manufacturing defects, of high quality, as it is of the Oxford cloth brand and UP leather, which is a practical canvas brand and is characterized by durability, strength, and uninterruptedness.

♦ The colors of the bag The bag is characterized by one color, which is black with white, and this suits the classic taste.

♦ The capacity of the bag where the bag has a very wide capacity that can accommodate many things at one time and can put books, stationery and a lunch box, and there is a place in the bag for a small water bottle or an umbrella.

♦ The size of the bag is estimated by its width 27 cm, its side width is 12 cm and its height is 31 cm. It is clear how large the bag is.

When to wear the Elephant Backpack and Shoulder Bag:

The Elephant Back and Shoulder Bag is elegant and modern and fits with the fashion trends and can be carried to all places and is suitable for short trips.

47.79 USD
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