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Strong magnetic mobile holder high quality

11.88 USD

Strong magnetic mobile holder high quality

Magnetic holder for mobile from Fratose is small in size, easy to install and versatile, also made of high quality materials.

Features of magnetic mobile holder

  • The mini car mobile phone holder built-in 6 super strong magnets.
  • Holds all smartphones and small tablets securely, the load capacity can be up to 1.41lbs, and it will not affect the driving safety due to frequent drops of mobile phones.
  • Easy to install as you can install it with one hand and one second Just bring your phone to the stand and lock it firmly in place.
  • No clips or suspenders needed, just magnet charms.
  • The stand provides 360-degree rotation and freedom of viewing angle, so it is easy to use and stable.
  • Magnetic Car Mount Holder has a cool look and therefore this small and stylish magnetic car phone holder looks great and works even better.
  • The thin metal dial can adorn your phone or hide under its case.
  • With a magnetic mobile holder, you can feel safe and comfortable as they keep your device visible and close at hand on the dashboard.

Magnetic mobile holder

  • Multifunctional Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder This universal magnetic mount works for many purposes as you can use it to securely hold your phone, keys or any metal object whether in your car, kitchen, office, bedroom, study room or any areas of the house where you need to mount your devices on the wall or In any flat areas.
  • Compact Magnetic Car Phone Holder will not be distracted when you are driving, this magnetic car phone holder will not get in the way of operating the air vent, the small bracket makes you more convenient and safer when you are driving.

customer reviews

  • First opinion: It's a great magnetic mount that has made my phone much easier to use while driving.
  • Second opinion: It was very difficult to use the phone while preparing food and I was bored, but now it is very easy to install it and I enjoy watching my special series while I am in the kitchen.

common questions

  • Where and when can I use it?

The magnetic phone holder is recommended to be used in the car, but it can also be used on the desk or kitchen, help you read books and videos, or learn recipes etc.

  • Can it be used with the phone case on the phone?

Yes, and we recommend a thin, not too bulky phone case.

11.88 USD
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