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Strong and waterproof adhesive tape

12.42 USD

Strong Adhesive Tape Super Strong Waterproof Rubber Tape Rubber Adhesive Sealant for Hoses, Pipes, etc.

Features of strong adhesive tape

  • Strong Adhesive Tape Long-wearing formula provides continuous protection from UV rays and liquids for years
  • Super strong, stretchy, waterproof adhesive tape that can patch, bond, seal and repair just about anything!
  • Specially designed strong adhesive tape with thick, flexible and stretchy backing that conforms to any shape
  • Can be applied hot or cold, wet or dry...even under water!

Uses of strong adhesive tape

  • Strong adhesive tape instantly seals out water, air, and moisture to create an ultra-strong, flexible, waterproof barrier!
  • Its generous size allows you to quickly cover large cracks, gaps and holes! It's UV-resistant, eco-friendly, VOC-free and has such a wide temperature range that it can be used in extreme weather conditions!

customer reviews

First opinion: I closed the ledges on my old windy window for the winter (which was constantly seeping cold/dry air into my room and making me miserable). I've found that for waterproof repairs, you must also prevent moisture in the room from seeping in! The moisture in the air wants to pass through the tape to the outside, but the tape keeps it in my room successfully, so it's a little bit decorated on the tape. Awesome, it works!

Second opinion: Use this product as a temporary fix for my bathtub..the silver ring drain thing that is far from my bathtub needs repair, the screws holding it rusted through and broke causing it to get stuck in the bathtub and spill water Come Down Into My Kitchen The Water Filled The Sink No Leaking!! I love the best first aid devices..

common questions

  • Can it be applied to a hot place?

Can be applied hot or cold, wet or dry...even under water!

12.42 USD
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