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Strainer for the opening of the bathroom and kitchen sewers to prevent the emission of odors and the exit of insects and cockroaches from it / 5 pieces

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The sewer strainer is made of high-quality silicone material that does not emit unpleasant odors, not easy to break, not easy to deform, and durable.Easy to plug and play, easy to install.

sewage filter specifications

  • Material: silicone
  • Size: .50x110x38mm
  • blue color
  • Quantity: 10pcs/set

sewer filter features

  • Cook with the Colorful Kitchen Sink Strainer, a hassle-free, easy-to-use strainer that captures food and trash and keeps draining clog-free.
  • Add a splash of color and fun with a flexible silicone drain strainer that won't scratch or damage your sink.
  • Drain filter is easy to use, easy to clean and empty waste and rubbish.

sewer filter uses

  • Place the anti-odor drain drain in the floor drain port and close to the floor drain to complete the installation.
  • High displacement sewage strainer, large drainage speed, open with water, and closed without water.
  • Four-layer inverted wedges, while installing the floor drain core, closes the gap between the floor drain and the floor drain core to prevent odor and leakage.
  • Drain Strainer Curved surface design, multiple barriers, deodorization, insect prevention, water return and other features that remain the sewer filter is always the best

customer reviews

First opinion: nice and effective. I can't stand those metal strainers, they are hard to clean and ugly. These stains work well, food is not incorporated into them, and they shine clean from the dishwasher. Most importantly: They're super cute too!

Second opinion: It works great. Don't wash in the dishwasher too often because the edges start to fray brighter colours.

common questions

  • Does this fit any drain hole?

Soft fit different drain holes High quality Easy to install Easy to clean No water leakage Very tight

  • What material is this product made of?

Made of high quality silicone

15.66 USD
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