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Stereo Headphone With Charging Box - Black

75.20 USD

Earbuds are one of the luxuries that everyone wants to have now, because they provide a lot of comfort in the case of answering calls or listening to music. Therefore, we recommend purchasing the latest Bluetooth headphones, as they are small in size and practical and feature high sound purity with outstanding performance.

Specifications of the latest bluetooth headphones

  • IPX4 waterproof.
  • Running time: 5-6 hours.
  • Charging the earphones: two hours.
  • The BlitzWolf BW-FYE 7 Headphone comes with Bluetooth 5.0V version.

Features of the latest bluetooth headphones

  • The earphone has dual dynamic drivers that give the earphones unparalleled comfort and full range audio output.
  • The new Bluetooth headphones are characterized by not needing a large power for charging, due to the nature of their presence in a small circumference around the phone, which allows the battery to last for a longer period.
  • The latest Bluetooth headphones have ambient noise cancellation, which provides high-quality sound and greater clarity.
  • Provides a great deal of privacy as the bluetooth code must be entered to achieve the connection between the device and the speaker.
  • The ability to connect to all devices that have Bluetooth, not just the mobile phone.

Use the latest bluetooth headphones

  • Using Bluetooth headphones is easy as it saves the problems of traditional headphones where the behavior is intertwined or interrupted, as it is characterized by ease and speed of use.
  • The latest Bluetooth headphones are waterproof, which means they can be used without worrying about water exposure
  • The shape of the latest Bluetooth headphones conforms to the shape of the ear so that the headphone does not fall out of the ear, especially because there is no wire in the headphones, which makes it easy to lose it.
  • The headphones are lightweight so that the ears do not get tired when used for long periods.
  • Bluetooth connectivity on all devices that have Bluetooth, not just the mobile phone.
  • A Bluetooth headset event has a powerful battery.
  • The headphones are water-resistant so that they are not affected by sweat or any water droplets.
  • Slanted angle design fits snugly and securely in the ear canal.

customer reviews

First opinion: It is a small, practical and very comfortable headset to use.

Second opinion: It is one of the most powerful headphones that I have purchased. It is waterproof. Wear it without worrying about it being exposed to sweat or moisture.

common questions

  • How is the headset charged for the first time?

The earphones should be placed in the charger when using it for the first time until fully charged.

If the battery is charged when you remove it from the battery, please put it in the charger again to activate the charging.

  • What happens when the headset is worn incorrectly?

Wearing the headset incorrectly will lead to a direct disconnection.

75.20 USD
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