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stainless steel travel flasks

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stainless steel flasks

Stainless steel flasks are the perfect choice in trips, travel or universities, as they are designed in a modern and chic style that suits everyone, and retain the temperature of drinks for up to 12 hours. Safe to keep drinks

product shape 

The flasks take an elegant streamlined shape that suggests luxury and distinction, and it consists of double walls of durable stainless steel, and an insulating layer that prevents the leakage of heat outside the flasks, to keep drinks cold or hot for a long time. For any modern home.

Features of stainless steel flasks

Stainless steel bottles have many features that make them ideal for storing drinks while you go out, such as:

The durability of the bottles and their resistance to breakage or rust increases the demand for their use

Simple shape and ease of use

· Its ability to keep the heat of drinks for long periods of up to 12 hours and more.

Made of stainless steel, a safe material that does not react with drinks and does not affect their flavor or smell

Made of high-quality, lightweight materials that make it easy to carry and transport during trips, family outings, or while exercising

The capacity of the large bottles that is sufficient for a large number of individuals.

It has an airtight lid with a locking feature to prevent water and drinks from leaking, and it is designed in a way that prevents sweating.

Stainless steel flasks feature a distinctive design that is easy to disassemble and install, which facilitates the cleaning process.

The bottles are equipped with a wide mouth with a special design that is suitable for filling or pouring drinks without spilling.

Its convenient size makes it easy to store in the office, car or kitchen.

It can be used to preserve milk as it does not give the drinks a metallic taste.

The bottles are double walled and coated with suction to prevent liquids from condensing inside.

Opening and closing can be controlled by pressing the opening button from bottom to top.

Can be used to keep water cool during outdoors instead of traditional plastic bottles.

There are many types, different sizes and wonderful colors to suit all tastes and ages

It can be used for children in schools to save juices or water, because it is safe, unbreakable and airtight

The material the bottles are made of is stainless steel

Bottles are made of unbreakable stainless steel or stainless steel, which gives them hardness and quality in use

Design :Perfect design suitable for carrying, commuting, or use while driving, playing sports, or camping and trekking to keep drinks hot for a long time

· Size: average size and is suitable for all uses and storage in any small space , whether at home, work or car

· Weight: lightweight easy to carry

· Type: flasks made of stainless steel

· Color: Available in several black and gold colors, beige, pink

Usage Tips

Some instructions must be followed when using stainless steel flasks in order for them to last for a long time with the same quality and efficiency

Do not store items that contain a high percentage of salt

Do not let water or drinks pass the neck of the bottle, so that it does not leak out or get soaked

It should be washed with water well before use and after use

Avoid putting it in the microwave.

Clean it with water and detergent only and do not put it in the dishwasher.

Avoid exposure to falling or collision so that the shape of the bottles is not affected or damaged.

- lid, easy to open button, lock off, carefree travel.

Keep cold contact with hot liquid and no cold condensation

Light and compact design, easy to transport and storage, and suitable for most car beverage holders.

Holding time: more than 12 hours

Style: casual, fashionable

Power: 500 ml / 350ml

Suitable for camping, travel, family, mountain climbing

Material: stainless steel

Packing content: 1 x 420ml 304 stainless steel cup, commuter cup

15.12 USD 24.57 USD
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