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SOTHING Mosquito Repellent Device (Enhanced Version)

35.10 USD

Xiaomi Sothing Cactus Mosquito Killer Electric Light Ultraviolet Mosquito Repellent Odorless Insect Smoke Trap.

Features :

● Inhalation:

SOTHING mosquito repellent device uses the principle of inhalation and anti-mosquito by ultraviolet light to mosquitoes to induce mosquitoes to enter the effective range of the mosquito-killing lamp, through which the airflow produced by the fan is absorbed into the mosquito storage box.

● 360° Open Duct Design:

360° UV Mosquito Killer + 360° outdoor duct design which increases air suction and coverage, making mosquito killing more efficient.

● Using ultraviolet light for mosquitoes:

In this device, ultraviolet rays are used to attract mosquitoes to the device, and dark light is used to reduce visual disturbances, and it is also suitable for night use.

● Odorless, does not produce dust:

Mosquito repellent does not produce fumes, dust, or even unpleasant odors while working, thus reducing the potential for respiratory discomfort or those suffering from

Respiratory diseases.

● Manipulation (control) by one button:

The mosquito repellent device from SOTHING has a single toggle switch located at the top of the fuselage, and the metal coating is shaped and felt after polished with a multi-layer process.

● Removable Mosquito Storage Box:

SOTHING Mosquito Repellent has a removable storage box to give you easy removal and easy cleaning. The box is designed to be washable and easy to dry, which reduces bacteria growth.

● Design for no mosquito escape:

With insulated air ducts and mosquito storage boxes, it reduces the ability of mosquitoes to escape, and this design (spinning pattern design) is not based on wind.

advice ! :

Turn on the mosquito light at least 3 hours before bed.

Give yourself a better effect in the room without light.

Brand: SOTHING [in cooperation with the Xiaomi brand]

Model Type: mosquito killer cactus lamp

Color: green + white

Material: ABS

Input interface: Micro USB

Power: 1.5 watts

Input: DC 5V - 0.3A

Features - Kill mosquitoes by natural inhalation

One-button control, easy to operate

- 360-degree duct design, overall attractiveness

- Non-toxic and non-volatile

- UV light: smokeless, tasteless, dustless

- Removable mosquito box, easy to wash

Size 120 x 120 x 15mm/4.72" x 4.72: x 5.9"

Net Weight 307g

Package Content:

1 x Electric Mosquito Killer Light

1 x USB cable

1 X Manual (in Chinese)

35.10 USD
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