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Infrared 250ml Soap Dispenser And Foam Maker

26.19 USD 32.40 USD

The foaming soap suitable for this product can be found here

Infrared automatic touchless soap dispenser, easy to use in the kitchen or bathroom, great saves time and water

Features of soap dispenser

  • Soap dispenser makes it easy for you to know the amount of liquid soap in it.
  • Infrared soap dispenser, enables the machine to sense and generate foam automatically.
  • Soap dispenser suitable for use in bathroom, kitchen, etc. - It can reasonably control the amount of foam, which is more practical.
  • Soap Dispenser As an automatic contactless soap dispenser, it can save more time and water while maintaining the most effective cleaning effect. The compact and simple style is very suitable for any bathroom or kitchen, providing users with a high-quality and elegant hand washing experience

soap dispenser uses

  • Soap dispenser suitable for bathroom, kitchen and other environment
  • Infrared induction design, which can make bubbles automatically.
  • It can easily control the amount of foam required
  • Low noise motors can provide you with a comfortable environment to use.
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries for daily use.

customer reviews

First opinion: It is a gentle, sturdy and convenient automatic soap dispenser with precise infrared movement. It is easy to set up and use. The sensor is sensitive. Compatible with most fluids. You can use gel hand soap, dish soap, mouthwash, alcohol hand soap, and other liquids. It looks great in my kitchen. Very happy with what I bought.

Second opinion: This works great. It works with batteries so I was able to use it right away. I use it in the kitchen sink, because I don't like the look of the dish detergent container on the counter and I like the ease of use. It's reasonably priced and I loved it because I don't want to spend more money and I don't think I'll be replacing it very soon. I drained the right amount of soap on the first use so I didn't adjust the discharge levels. It is supposed to have two levels. I'll get another hand sanitizer.

common questions

Is the soap dispenser easy to use?

Yes, it is easy to use, it works automatically without touching

26.19 USD 32.40 USD
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