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Small portable hand iron for ironing clothes and the ends of clothes, working with electricity


61.83 USD

👕 The small clothes iron is one of the best and easiest practical ways that saves time and effort for the user to iron clothes in a short time and with high quality,

Fratose offers the best mini iron that you can use, the most important thing that distinguishes this iron from others, the method of operation and enough information to use it daily with complete safety.

Product Features:

  • You can use it daily with ease and without any burns to clothes or hands.
  • It removes wrinkles in fabrics easily and in a short time.
  • Suitable for all types of fabrics, such as: denim, silk, linen, cotton, wool.
  • Easy to bend and straighten.
  • Lightweight and easy to clean.
  • Small in size, you can easily use it and carry it or travel with it to anywhere.
  • It can beat the wrinkle of printed and folded photos without burning them.
  • Unlike other conventional irons, it can get into the smallest details of the garment.
  • You can use them for non-embroidered curtains and upholstery.

Method of use and product warnings:

  • Each iron has its own way of cleaning and using, we will learn about the safe operation and use of the iron.
  • The clothes are prepared while avoiding cleaning any stains or dust in the fabric.
  • The iron is heated up well to get the best ironing result, avoiding direct contact of the iron on the skin.
  • The clothes are fixed on a tight clothes hanger, or flat ground, with an emphasis on straightening it as much as possible so that the heat can reach all the small or internal parts directly, and to reach the best result for stretching the fabric and removing the aliasing inside the fabrics.
  • In the case of ironing straight clothes, such as trousers and the like, they are straightened in an orderly manner and the iron is directed directly to the places that need to be ironed to remove wrinkles.
  • In the case of clothes with collars or overlaps in fabrics and the like, direct both sides of the iron to the part to be ironed, and focus directly on the interior of the clothes.
  • Fabrics embroidered with threads are treated like flat fabrics. They are straightened and flat, and the iron is placed on them directly to distribute the heat and its penetration inside the embroideries and straightened.
  • For wool, linen or heavy fabrics in general, the iron is directed directly at the fabric with light pressure on it until the heat penetrates into the fabric and works to straighten it directly and correctly.

Product information:

  • The iron has a length of 13 cm and a width of 8.8 cm, and this is one of the best features of the iron because it is small in size and easy for daily use.
  • The iron works on electricity and distributes its heat very quickly without waiting for long periods.
  • Flat for ease of use and movement in all directions.
  • Split, With the splitter, you can get to the smallest places inside the shirt, such as: collars, sleeves, and the like.
  • Iron-free, for even and direct temperature distribution.
  • The iron is best to use due to its flexible and simple motions.

61.83 USD
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