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Shoulder bag for weddings and events

36.45 USD

Shoulder bag for weddings and events

When women choose an evening dress or a wedding party, one of the difficulties they face is choosing a suitable and elegant evening bag that matches the dress and shoes, so they resort to small handbags made of metal because they are among the most suitable bags for weddings and occasions and are specially designed for that, and there are various shapes and sizes of this bag and vary Depending on the ornaments used to adorn it, whether it is crystal lobes, beads, or lollipops.

Shoulder bag for weddings and events:

It has now become fashionable for the bride to carry a small bag instead of a bouquet of roses, which is elegant and proportional to the dress, and puts her things that she will need. They need a small bag that is chic, elegant and suitable for the occasion and to collect their important things that they need.

A little brief about the shoulder bag for weddings and events:

The bag offered by our site has an elegant design and is suitable for occasions such as weddings, and its design takes the form of a box and has a lid, and it is made of a very good material with a simple self-gloss, and the cover of the bag has the full aesthetic design, where it is studded with beautiful shiny strass and the handle of the bag is a simple chain of metal and compound It has it from the inside to maintain the outside appearance and the simplicity of its design, and the bag can be detached and carried in the hand, and from the inside it accommodates all your belongings and there is a small pocket to put your small belongings.

Features of shoulder bag for weddings and events:

The bag has several features that make it the perfect choice for you during events and night parties.

Design: It is characterized by its delicate and charming design in the form of a beautiful and elegant small box, with a simple interior and exterior design, streamlined in use and suitable for all forms of evening dresses, and the bag is equipped with a capsule to tighten the lock.

♦ The colors of the bag: with distinctive colors that are chosen in abundance to suit the colors of the dresses, including the golden color and this fits with the black, golden and red dresses with the choice of suitable shoes next to it, and there is the elegant silver color, which in turn fits with the dresses in gray, black, mauve, light colors, and color Black is the master of colors and goes with all looks.

Quality: The bag is made of the finest materials that are suitable for parties and occasions, and the ornaments that adorn it are of the best types of asters, and the inside is lined with leather of the same color as the bag for a chic look when you open the bag. each other and do not rust.

Capacity: The bag has a medium capacity to meet all your needs during the occasion, in addition to a small pocket inside, and its front is 21 cm, its side width is 4.5 cm, and its height is 13 cm.

Some designs of shoulder bags for weddings and events:

There are many designs for wedding bags such as:

A square-shaped bag made of shiny fabric, decorated with a crystal flower in the middle, and closed from above.

♦ A bag in the form of a small box and its material is thick white fur.

A small white leather bag decorated with some pearls.

With the variety of designs and materials, you can choose the bags that suit you, Madam, and buy them, but the bag offered by our site will be suitable for all tastes.

36.45 USD
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