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Series 50 Garden Lights Bee Shape 7m

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Garden Lights Lovely Honeybee Light 8 Modes Waterproof Outdoor Indoor Garden Lighting Around Flowers, Lawn, Patio, Wreath, Summer Party, Christmas, Make a Place

Garden lighting features

  • Garden lighting of sufficient length to fit any indoor and outdoor space, energy saving to reduce cost, perfect decoration for garden, balcony, lawn, patio, gate, patio, wedding party.
  • Different lighting modes which can create a different atmosphere for your life. Those lights will remember the lighting mode you set last time.
  • Auto on/off and easy to shape There are only two switches to control the light, with smart sensing, auto on in the dark and auto off in the daytime. The cable is flexible, 24 feet of copper wire can be easily blended into the shapes you want, and you can install it across trees, decking, patio, and furniture

Garden lighting uses

  • Garden light that can withstand all kinds of weather, including heavy rain and snow, waterproof, powerful battery, and work stably for a very long time in rainy days. Thanks to the high battery capacity, our garden lights can work continuously for more than 12 hours at night
  • High simulation honey bee garden lighting , looks like real bees when the string lights keep working at night

customer reviews

  • First opinion: I bought this to tie it around his tree.. along with butterflies, birds and lots of lights. When it gets dark, the tree looks very impressive. Thank you.
  • Second opinion: I bought these bee lights because I wanted something different, they are really cool and look great in my garden. I love the way there are different options for the lights from steady to flashing. I am really happy with them. I would definitely recommend them.

common questions

  • Will her wings fall off easily?

Answer: No. They've been in the park most of the summer and they've been pretty cool. Still intact and still flashing all night

23.22 USD 29.43 USD
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