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Safe Protective Practical Leather Business Bag Wallet

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Safe Wallet

It can protect your cards from unknown scans with the unique protective layers made inside the wallet lining.

You will be interested in knowing its specifications

The leather business wallet is famous for a set of features that complement your look, made of the finest leather materials in addition to its wonderful and perfect design, which will add to you a lot of attractiveness and elegance. It is also ideal for everyday use

● The size of the wallet is very small, suitable for daily use, easy to put in your pocket.

● It contains two places that are sealed with a zipper that they can use to put money.

The wallet contains a small pocket and two sides of it to put money in the form of coins inside.

The wallet contains a place for adding important cards such as visa and photos inside it.

Collect money and keep it in a stylized form, as this does not lead to any paper currency being cut or lost.

Baborry has excelled in obtaining a wallet that does not have any defects or problems, which will make you more likely to buy it, and this innovation is the reason for the availability of many of the following features:

Size: Baborry wallet is very small suitable for daily use to collect small things that you are afraid to lose in it, you can put it in your pocket with comfort.

Colour: The wallet comes in two of the most practical and sought-after colours, black and light brown.

Material: The wallet is manufactured with a great deal of premium quality materials that are sought after by many.


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20.91 USD
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