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ROCK . Universal Adjustable and Rotatable Phone Holder

36.45 USD

ROCK . Universal Adjustable and Rotatable Phone Holder

In a lot of times, you may feel bored from using the phone continuously, because of the way you use it by holding the phone continuously and permanently with your hands, which makes you feel a lot of pain, so this wonderful holder from Rock solves a lot of different problems that cause damage to many Users, the Rock Universal Adjustable and Rotating Phone Holder is one of the products that saves you a lot of pain that can be caused by the method of holding his phone, and now we will show you all the information about the universal adjustable and rotating phone holder from the distinguished Rock

This holder is one of the most popular and practical types of products in different markets related to phones, because it has a wide range of different and distinctive specifications that make a lot of users flock and demand a lot, and all the information and specifications for this product are in the following points:

This unique holder enables to provide you with all the comforts

● Freely rotate 360 degrees as you like

● Simple and user-friendly design, the tweezers can be installed in one motion, easy to operate

● It consists of three different pieces and closely connected together, and the three pieces are all working properly. The first part of the product comes with a handle on which the holder rests properly, in addition to a very long arm for the holder that is folded more than once so as not to take up space Large, and in the case of folding it avoids breaking the arm, which leads to maintaining it periodically.

Completely safe for children and the way to use it is very easy

● High-quality aluminum alloy arm, durable, folded several times to avoid breakage

It is very light in weight and does not take up much space so you will not be disturbed by its size.

Product Features:

Charger : no

Compatible Brands : Universal

Material : aluminum alloy

Loudspeaker : no

Usage : office

magnet : no

Box details

Unit Type: piece

Case weight: 0.2 kg

Case size: 20cm * 15cm * 5cm

36.45 USD
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