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Relogio . Children's Frozen Watch

5.40 USD

frozen watch for kids

The frozen watch for children is one of the beautiful watches that many children prefer, as it increases their beauty, elegance and appearance. The watch also has many qualities that make it more popular and selling among many different watch models and is compatible with all types and colors of different children's clothes.

Definition of a frozen watch for children

The frozen watch for children is one of the most beautiful models that has been designed to suit all youngsters. This watch has a delicate shape, wonderful design, smoothness and distinction that suits all children of all ages. It also contains a lot of features, which are represented in the finite accuracy through the precise quartz movement as well as The watch is equipped with a different and beautiful bracelet to add a lot of variety, fun and vitality to the kids.

Frozen watch information and specifications for kids

A frozen watch for children is considered one of the most beautiful watches that has specifications and information that make it the most suitable for children, girls and boys. The watches are made of high quality materials. The watch has a solid structure. The watch works with great accuracy in determining the time. There are also different and distinct colors on the watch frame that are suitable for all times and suit all The types of clothes that children wear, which saves a lot on the family by adding a distinctive accessory to the child that increases his elegance and chic.

Frozen children's watch components

  • The children's frozen watch consists of three pieces in a thin case of durable materials with a dial
  • It also consists of the watch featuring images of Elsa and Anna on the dial surrounded by a decorative pink bezel, and the watch has a perfect gift box that is easy to open and includes the official Disney logo on the top.
  • The watch is safe and non-toxic as it has been lab tested and is non-toxic and safe for children.
  • The bracelet in the watch is pink, comfortable and easy to close, and fits most wrist sizes, and the case is purple, which is more suitable for girls.
  • The watch is not waterproof and is a plastic digital watch with a protective bottle.

Features of a frozen watch for kids

The frozen watch for children is comfortable and has beautiful colors and graphics, where there is a pink color and a pink strap, and a Minnie Mouse character is drawn on the dial. It is a digital watch, and there is a turquoise color, and it is for girls, drawn on the enamel, with the cartoon character Frozen, and it has a plastic bracelet, and there is also a Disney Kids Frozen Anna watch Elsa is pink and has a shiny pink elasticated strap.

  • The watch is also manufactured to be safe for children, so it does not cause them any harm or poisoning and is not dangerous. It also has an adjustable strap, easy to close, and fits most wrist sizes.
  • The length of the watch ranges from approximately to 100 cm. The type of clasp is tightly closed to suit children. The watch's colors emit joy, joy and optimism.

Benefits of the watch

  • One of the benefits of the watch is that it is watches with simple and delicate techniques that are suitable for children, especially girls and women
  • Its clasp type is secure and the watch is a great addition to a girl's accessories collection
  • The watch is characterized by its elegance and modernity and comes with an attractive design that features the character and characteristics of Princess Elsa and Anna, the characters of the movie Frozen
  • Which increases the attractiveness of the watch as its prices are affordable and not expensive.

How to use

The watch works very efficiently in determining the time through the movement of its indexes very accurately, and it also has a long-lasting battery.

5.40 USD
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