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Anti-reflective privacy window film

48.60 USD

Reflector one way light reflective film privacy daytime static self adhesive heat control anti uv rays suitable for home, company or office windows

reflector specification

  • Size: 40/50/60/70/80/90x200cm
  • Type: Self-adhesive vinyl
  • Function: Heat Insulation, Anti-UV, Privacy Protection, Anti-Explosion

Reflector features

  • A unidirectional reflector blocks 90% of infrared and 85% of UV rays, reducing fading and scattering of interior furnishings.
  • The heat control lampshade can retain heat in the winter and keep it out in the summer, reducing expensive heating and cooling costs.
  • Thickness and high quality The lampshade has excellent thermal insulation effect, the lampshade with anti-scratch surface layer, abrasion-resistant, will not fade or blow out, easy to remove, economical and practical.

Reflector uses

  • STABLE CLING AND NON-STICK - This self-adhesive lampshade is free from glue design, no chemical release, and very easy to install, just make sure the window surface is completely clean and completely free from any blemishes. Remember to use plenty of the soapy water mixture to soak both the sticky side and the window.
  • The lampshade has a different privacy effect between day and night. The one-way window film provides great privacy during the day only and the exterior glass shows a mirror effect. When the outside light becomes weaker, the outside glass mirror effect will gradually disappear and the outside people can see inside. When the inner light is stronger than the outside, the mirror effect will be reflected. Remember to draw a curtain during the night.

customer reviews

First opinion: I was really impressed with the quality of this movie, it's really great. This was the first time I tried to apply window film.

Second opinion: I used it to treat the problem of the sun in my kitchen. It was the hottest part of my apartment and took in direct sunlight and heat most of the day. It is easier to hold than those with adhesive.

common questions

Is this product safe to install on double-sided windows?

I have argon gas-filled double pane windows and patio doors that I used. I don't have any problems at all. It worked great.

48.60 USD
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