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Rechargeable electric sonic toothbrush

57.78 USD

Sonic electric toothbrush



Sonic Technology: With up to 31,000 brush strokes per minute, dynamic fluid action helps clean between teeth along the gum line.

And with Smartimer technology, it encourages you to complete two minutes of brushing as recommended by professional dentists.

In addition, it pauses every 30 seconds to remind you to change the brushing area of the teeth and after the necessary time (2 minutes) the Sonic electric toothbrush automatically stops working.

And with a wristlet designed to be IPX7 waterproof. So do not worry, it is electrically safe and designed to be used in the bathroom.

Also, the Sonic electric toothbrush can automatically remind you of the last used mode, and start in that mode when you use it again.

To move from one mode to another, all you have to do is press the brush mode button within 5 seconds.

The Sonic YS11 Electric Toothbrush offers 5 different cleaning modes to bring together all your oral care needs:

Clean Mode: In this mode, the brush head oscillates at a high frequency, removing plaque and bacteria in a gentle frequency.

The second Sensitive mode: This mode is suitable for sensitive teeth or gums in your teeth as they move with a gentle frequency.

The third massage mode: This mode is similar to the sensitive teeth mode, but this mode massages the teeth by moving with a very gentle frequency.

The fourth mode White: This mode cleans and polishes the teeth through the continuous switching technology, and it whitens the teeth.

Fifth mode Polish: It is a mode for people with strong teeth, and because this position works on high strength and high frequency, it polishes and cleans the teeth.


Convenient sensor wireless charging and guarantees you a very large working time of more than a month or 40 days!

In normal use, if you use a toothbrush twice a day for two minutes, it can last for about 40 days.

With two replaceable brush heads with soft bristles, it is easy to clean more bacteria in the mouth.

There is a brush head to deeply clean the gaps between the teeth

The firm bristles help clean stains and whiten teeth effectively

It will eventually give you the guarantee of a continuous cleaning effect.

Smart Timer technology helps you develop good brushing habits and brushing teeth to protect your teeth all the time.

*2 minutes smart timer gives you 2 minutes of cleaning time

*30 seconds smart pause 0.3 minute pause to clean 4 areas precisely.

IPX7 Wholebody waterproof design and non-slip material for best feel

You can wash the toothbrush directly and use it in a damp environment.

You can use 5 ways to brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush so that the brush meets all your oral care needs.

It is suitable for different types of dental care:

1. Clean: removes brush head in standard position

2. Sensitive: an extra gentle mode for cleaning sensitive teeth and gums

3. Massage: gently and at low frequency massages the teeth and gums

4. White: Removes surface stains in 2 minutes

5. Polishing: polishes the front teeth in a minute by fast movement.

The sonic toothbrush DG-YS11 special package contains:

1. 1 x YS11 Electric Toothbrush Handle

2. 1 x Charging Base

3. 2 x Toothbrush Head

4. 1 x Travel Storage Box

5. 1 x USB power cable (simply 5V 1A required)

6. 1 x User Manual (in full English)

7. 1 x original color gift package

57.78 USD
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