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Premium ceramic funnel for filter espresso coffee

17.55 USD 27.81 USD

Coffee is one of the most popular hot drinks in the world, so there are a large number of coffee lovers, and espresso coffee is the ideal type for many, so a luxurious ceramic funnel has been made to filter an excellent espresso coffee, which enables you to get a special espresso drink It has an attractive aroma with a strong flavor with a special temperament.

If you are a fan of delicious coffee, this ceramic funnel will definitely be your favorite product, because it helps you get a great, high quality espresso coffee with a luxurious taste and a distinctive and perfect aroma

This ideal product comes in a conical shape, which in turn enables it to extend the time in which the fine coffee powder is steeped, in order to obtain the best possible taste.

This perfect funnel comes in the form of a cone-shaped structure, with a long groove in it, and a large hole that allows the coffee to drain smoothly and easily.

The design of this product has exceeded the traditional design of the distinctive coffee tamper, because it has all the capabilities that make it one of the best types of products that are traded in the market.

The premium ceramic conical funnel consists of three closely connected parts, the upper structured conical part, from which emerges a long groove that ends with a relatively large hole that allows the specialty coffee to flow out of it in a smooth and fast way without the need for it to come out in an excessive way.

It has many different features that enable you to get a luxurious cup of coffee:

  • Perfect size to use, you can make more than one cup of coffee.
  • The materials from which the funnel is designed and manufactured are of the finest materials that can be obtained from different markets.

17.55 USD 27.81 USD
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