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Baby carrier placed on the waist

27.81 USD

Baby carrier placed on the waist

Baby carrier, if you are struggling to carry your child while going out or even while performing some tasks at home, with your child's insistence to carry him and his constant crying.. Say goodbye to all these problems, as the perfect solution has been provided for them from Fratose store

Baby carrier specifications:

  • Product type: baby carrier.
  • Target group: mothers and women.
  • Carrier shape: comes in the form of a wide belt that can be narrowed and expanded, which is placed at the waist with a seat on which the child is placed.
  • Baby carrier colors: the carrier is available in many different colors that you will like (blue, brown, black, violet, navy and red).
  • Bearing capacity of the stand: The stand bears up to 20 kg.
  • Waist measurements: 118 - 65 cm.

Baby carrier features:

  • The holder is made of the best types of materials and fabrics that provide the child's body with comfort and breathing and protect him from high temperatures.
  • The stand design is anti-slip to ensure the safety of your child.
  • Easy to carry and use due to its light weight.
  • The stand has a mesh pocket on the side that can be used to put small items.

27.81 USD
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