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Prayer beads with a digital counter

15.57 USD

Prayer beads with a digital counter

We all know the great importance that the rosary represents for people of different ages, and this importance increases as the person ages. In the past, it was a group of beads that tied them to some fine thread, whatever material it was made of. The person greatly in calculating the number of praises he performs, and its advantages are that they do not make mistakes in counting and are light in carrying and using.

Definition of prayer beads with a digital counter

We find that prayer beads with a digital counter are among the advanced tools that are increasingly sought after by everyone, old and young, in recent times, in addition to that they bear a religious and historical character since ancient times. My digital counts the praises and remembrances that an individual performs at any time, and it has become one of the inventions that has been very popular by swimming users because it has a light weight and is imminent.

Basic information and specifications about prayer beads with a digital counter

We find that a prayer beads with a digital counter is one of the things that everyone wants to know about a lot of information and specifications so that they can buy it. A person can carry it with him at all times and places, and one of the most important specifications in which it is found is that it is designed in a way that does not tire the fingers of the hand at all, including made of plastic material, and wooden material and it has several different lengths and sizes.

Components of a prayer beads with a digital counter

How much we all know that prayer beads with a digital meter have a set of components, and we find that these components are as follows:

  • It is a template with several geometric shapes, square, rectangle and circular shape.
  • With this template there is an easy to use and press button that is prominently located on any side of the frame.
  • The template is surrounded by a frame in some cases that is transparent, or has a light gray color, and its color varies depending on the color of the rosary.
  • In the back of this mold there is a place designated for placing stones, and it works with two rooms, not with one.
  • We also find that it has a hand that is usually made of foldable plastic material, and it has several places used to narrow the rosary to the size of a person's hand and fingers.

Features of prayer beads with a digital counter

There are many features that distinguish the prayer beads with a digital counter, and these features are:

  • It is characterized by its light weight and does not require much effort to be used, and this feature makes it popular with all age groups.
  • It is also characterized by having several forms and types that suit all tastes and people, and also suitable for all genders, females and males.
  • It is characterized by being easy to use, so the user does not find it difficult to use, as we find that the button that is pressed in order to count the tasbeeh is easy to use and does not tire the muscles of the hand.
  • One of its most important features is that the stones or battery used in its operation take a very long time until it expires, so the person does not need to change it periodically.

rosary benefits  

One of the things that many would like to know about a prayer beads with a digital counter is a group of many benefits that are found in it. We find that the most important benefits of this prayer beads are as follows:

  1. One of the benefits of this rosary is that it does not allow an error to occur in counting the number of praises that a person has done. At the end of use, the person knows the number of praises accurately.
  2. Also, one of the benefits of this rosary is that it allows a person to do praise or seek forgiveness at all times and places.

How to use a prayer beads with a digital counter

We also know that the prayer beads that have a digital counter have a certain method of use, which is that the person presses the prominent button in the structure of the digital prayer beads and calculates the beads easily without effort.

15.57 USD
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