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Platinum wedding ring for the bride

13.54 USD

The most beautiful women's ring in this delicate pairing features sparkling diamonds that extend halfway around both rings, and the enchanting colored central gem floats above the dazzling bands.

Specifications of the most beautiful women's ring

Type: finger ring

Main Stone Color: White, Violet

Weight: about 8.35g

Material: fine copper


zirconia ring

Ring Size: 6/7/8

Features of the most beautiful women's ring

  • Beautiful Women's Ring This classic matching small set features a traditional engagement setting with a matching wedding ring.
  • The most beautiful women's ring consisting of two rings, both rings have a round inner edge for more comfort.
  • This matching sparkling set is adorned with brilliant-cut diamonds that adorn the dazzling diamond accents the halo and band of the engagement ring as well as the second ring as well.
  • The most beautiful women's ring with its shiny and silvery white color. It is no wonder that platinum is one of the most famous metals in the fine jewelry industry. The most beautiful women's ring made of copper plated with platinum is durable and does not change color.
  • Designed by a seasoned creative design professional with extensive experience in the jewelry industry.

Uses of the most beautiful women's ring

  • The most beautiful women's precious white silver ring is appreciated for its luster, stunning appearance and superior durability.
  • The most beautiful women's ring enjoys a wide range in fine jewelry. It is an innovative ring designed with platinum to highlight its luster and strength.
  • Most women love the platinum color over the frank gold color, so the most beautiful women's ring suits most tastes
  • The most beautiful women's ring A valuable, wonderful and attractive wedding ring that draws attention to it from the strength of its luster and luster

customer reviews

  • First opinion: A gorgeous ring that looks very subtle. It's attractive without being tacky or gaudy. I'm so glad I'm engaged to my perfect fiancé because he got me this amazing piece, and I'm so happy
  • Second opinion: I am allergic to jewelry, but with this ring I wear it comfortably without feeling the wonderful platinum layer that protects against allergies

common questions

  • What type of metal ring should you choose?

The value of each type of metal depends on the amount of maintenance and care you are willing to put into your jewelry. Platinum is a very low-maintenance metal, which makes it a better value to some

13.54 USD
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