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plastic fire retardant mask

12.15 USD

Adjustable Protective Face Mask for Kids and Adults in Clear Plastic, Lightweight and Reusable Personal Protective Equipment for Home, School, Food Service and Salon.

Features of a protective face mask

  • A modern and affordable face mask for everyday wear.
  • It can lift up and down to any angle you want. It can stay in position without slipping or moving to several stops along its range of motion.
  • One of the best personal protective equipment for the family consists of an adjustable elastic strap that can be quickly and easily tightened or loosened. One size fits most children, men and women.
  • A protective face mask that keeps enough room for eyeglasses, goggles, masks and other personal protective equipment.
  • Lightweight and comfortable made of high quality material, making it durable, strong and flexible. The forehead lining helps it to be worn comfortably for long periods.
  • Designed for you full face protection against splashes, drops, dust and splashes.

Uses of a protective face mask

  • This safe face mask you will use if you work in any profession if you are a dentist, carpenter, gardener, teacher, nurse, beautician
  • A protective face mask after dust particles, spit, splashes and other irritating things off your face.
  • Use a protective face mask all day, every day. If you are going to wear a face shield, you should be able to see clearly. This is why our masks are clear and transparent, so the world looks good with them. Just remember to peel off the protective film from either side before attaching it to your face shield.
  • Protect your face with confidence. Made of sturdy and lightweight plastic, this protector is designed to keep you comfortable. Wear it in the lab or while working with hazardous materials so nothing foreign gets into your face. There is plenty of room for eyeglasses or personal protective equipment underneath.
  • Reusable and easy to clean. Have you finished wearing your face shield for the day? Use a soft cloth and wipe it with gentle soap and water. Or sterilize it with diluted alcohol. After that, it is ready for use again.

customer reviews

First opinion: A really high quality face mask, very light and comfortable

Second opinion: Wear the glasses comfortably under the mask, it is very practical and safe

common questions

Is the mask can be used many times?

Yes, it is reusable and easy to clean

12.15 USD
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