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Pillow Neck Massager

56.16 USD

Neck massager relieves muscle pain and stiffness Helps relax tight and excessive muscles in the form of a pillow that you can use at home, office or in the car Provides you with neck comfort wherever you are Easy to use, comfortable and wonderful.

Neck Massager Specifications

  • Easy to carry: rechargeable, long battery life
  • The massage is automatically stopped after 10 minutes for hygienic protection.
  • High frequency mute noise reduction design, let you enjoy rest time quietly.
  • Comfortable head and neck support, massage before going to bed to reduce stress.

Neck massager uses

  • Massage device multi - neck massager uses compact and comfortable cushion fits perfectly behind your neck.
  • The combination of warmth and compression helps soothe the pain as well as relax your muscles. Since this pillow is usually placed on the point of pain, it achieves pain relief in the shortest possible time, allowing you to completely relax after using this pillow.
  • The neck massager is light in weight and you can carry it easily. Rechargeable and long battery life, it is very comfortable and easy to use
  • SAFE TO USE The neck massager is very safe to use as it has its own timer and turns off automatically after 10 minutes. So even if you are sleeping, you don't have to worry about forgetting to turn it off. It also has built-in high temperature protection that protects it from energy surgeries and thus extends its life.
  • EASY TO USE The back neck massage pillow comes with a stretchable strap to hold the product in place during use, which means you can easily place the massager on the site you want to treat and use it in the fixed position. It's also easy to do, meaning if you work late at night or work night shifts, you can take it with you to the office. It is also easy to carry in the car or for others.

customer reviews

First opinion: It's very cool, I use it easily, I like it a lot. It calms my neck a lot and makes me relax

Second opinion: A beautiful device, easy to charge, and a strong battery that lives long, really indispensable

common questions

Is the device charged or works by placing it in the electrical socket only?

The device has been charged and has a powerful battery, so it is easy to use wherever you are

56.16 USD
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