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perfume packaging boxes

8.10 USD

Perfume Refill Cans Mini Portable Refillable Perfume Atomizer Bottle , Exquisite atomizer perfume bottle is small in size and lightweight that is easy to carry in your personal bag.

Features of perfume refilling boxes

  • Transparent vial inside to easily see how much perfume is left.
  • Perfume refills are simple and convenient This perfume atomizer bottle is travel sized. Easy to use, easy to fill/refill, no leaks, just press the bottom against your favorite fragrance scale and keep clicking until it is refilled.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - The body of the atomizer is made of high-quality aluminum and the interior is durable glass, so you don't have to worry that it will break when dropped on the floor, it is durable.
  • Different and attractive colours. Wipe the inner vial to easily see how much fragrance is left.
  • The lightweight and durable aluminum material makes it ideal to put it in your handbag or pocket so that you can use your perfume at all times with ease and pleasure.

Uses of perfume refilling boxes

  • Please press several times to let the air inside the bottle escape before applying the perfume.
  • Check the bottom hole work, then put the perfume into the bottle

customer reviews

First opinion: I like that it is easy to use and the colors just appear. It is very shiny. I gave one to my daughter for her shower and body sprays and they work the same way. It's a great product and easy to use.

Second opinion: My favorite perfume spray was not working. I bought this to take out the fragrance left in the bottle. I succeeded and managed to save my perfume in these containers. They are great and easy to use

common questions

  • Exactly how do you fill this bottle?

remove the atomizer cap from the battle you want to use and gently tap the bottom of the empty bottle on top over and over very quickly and it will fill up hope, this helps me how i did it

  • Can it be used with essential oils?

I think you can. They usually recommend glass containers for essential oils, which are plastic that already contain the liquid.

8.10 USD
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