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Paulareis Men's Sport Watch With Rubber Band

56.56 USD

Men's sports watch from paulareis

Men's sports watch from paulareis Sports watches are one of the most used things for people who are interested in sports of all kinds, they are worn to complement the sports kit, and also remind the athlete about the time he spent in sports and everything related to this time as well as the effort made during this time.

Definition of a men's sport watch from paulareis

A men's sports watch from paulareis is considered one of the most important tools and pieces that are used by the category of sportsmen in general. It has great importance in their lives and the day in which they practice their favorite sport, especially in the case of endurance and strength sports, and these sports include: walking, The sport of wandering and searching, as well as the sport of running, whether running long or short distances.

Basic information and specifications for men's sports watch from paulareis

Before starting to list the basic information and specifications for a men's sports watch from paulareis, we must first know that sports watches are divided into two types:

  • A men's sports watch that is worn on the hand, and this watch is used in a group of specific sports that need this type of watch, such as walking and similar sports.
  • A men's sports watch that is attached to the neck, and these watches are dedicated to another type of sports that are compatible with these watches, and these sports: surfing, as well as diving and swimming.

This watch is made of strong, durable materials that can withstand a lot of movement as well as withstand the weather factors in which it is used. We find that this watch is almost used on a daily basis or in times of exercise, so it was made elegantly and bears all that, and its external shape is three circles on top of each other. Some, and are characterized by large hands that are visible to the athlete in a large way, filled with a substance that clarifies vision, and a large percentage of the watches of this type are black, but there is another blue color.

Components of a men's sports watch from paulareis

The reason behind the popularity and pioneering of a men's sports watch from paulareis is its components, and these components are as follows:

  1. The external structure of this type of watch is characterized by having several equal dimensions that suit the sports atmosphere in which it is used.
  2. It has a set of rings surrounding it in the form of circles, making it one of the distinctive sports watches.
  3. Among the components of the watch is also that it has several crowns of large size, in order to secure it well.
  4. As well as the back of it, which is made of metal that does not change its color.
  5. As for the bracelet worn by the athlete, it can be replaced with another bracelet that came with the watch, and both bracelets are made of natural leather.

Features of a men's sports watch from paulareis

A men's sports watch from paulareis has several advantages:

  • It is distinguished by its wonderful design that combines tradition and modernity at the same time.
  • It is characterized by having three types of decorations and different types, such as: the decoration with a sunny appearance, as well as the decoration with a grained appearance, in addition to a decoration called the glass opaline, which has a shiny and sparkling appearance.
  • The most distinctive feature of the watch is that it has more than one bracelet that can be exchanged between them, and it has a button to tighten the watch on the hand that can also be changed.
  • It has a fast automatic movement.

Benefits of the watch

  • Through the watch, the athlete knows the time in the minute and second for the sport he has performed.
  • It also knows how much effort is expended in the sports time allotted to him.

How to use

This watch is used from the moment a person starts his favorite sport, so the watch calculates the time from that moment, as well as begins to calculate the effort, all of this appears on the watch screen in front of the person.


56.56 USD
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